Winter Weather Worries: 6 Steps to a Safer Workplace

As temperatures drop, security concerns rise. Have you checked to make sure your building is ready for winter weather? Follow these 6 steps before severe weather hits to ensure your building is safe, warm, and prepared for the worst!

Check Gas Lines
Does your facility use gas for heat? Keep your building warm this winter and check gas lines and gas line connections for corrosion. If any need to be replaced, install corrosion-free options to limit potential problems in the future.

Prepare for Power Outages
Do you have an emergency plan in place if you lose power? Ice, snow, strong winds, and other winter weather can lead to power outages. In the winter, this can lead to frozen pipes, freezing tenants, lost inventory, and mission critical system failures. Protect power to critical entities with a backup generator. In addition, double check that your building is protected from power surges with properly installed surge protectors.

Evaluate Building Lighting
Daylight saving time is about to end! Which means it’s going to get darker sooner. Examine your office lighting to ensure your building is well-lit and ready to offset the additional hours of darkness. Adequate lighting after working hours helps your building look occupied at night and protects against intruders who target vacant looking buildings. In addition, make sure your employees, visitors, or tenants feel safe walking to and from the building and avoid slippery surfaces with adequate outdoor lighting.

Inspect for Environmental Damage
Extreme weather and drastic temperature changes can sometimes weaken hinges, screws, and wooden door frames. Keep a look out for these signs of decay and double check your doors and locks for any weaknesses.

Formulate a Plan for Snow Removal
Do you have a snow removal plan in place? If you have an employee or contractor who is responsible, make sure they know what is expected and that safety is a priority. Walkways must be clear and excess snow stored away from building entrances. Today’s video surveillance solutions offer a great way to check up on snow removal needs and progress remotely. Learn more here.

Ensure Clean Entrances
During wet or snowy weather, employees, tenants, and others will track ice and snow into the building. Place absorbent rugs near entrances and elevators to pick up some of this, and ensure that regular cleaning of walkways occur throughout the day. Wet floors pose a slip-and-fall safety hazard!

Is your property prepared for a winter weather emergency? Find out here.

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