Cloud Surveillance

Cloud Video Surveillance

Strengthen Security & Reduce Operating Costs

Visual insight through video surveillance is a powerful security tool to verify alarms and record incidents, but it can also proactively alert you to potential threats before an incident occurs.

Kastle has a robust video surveillance platform that bolsters your commercial or multifamily onsite security without increasing staff by using advanced cloud video surveillance and patented video analytics to enable instant viewing of crisp video from anywhere.



Public & Private Partnerships

Kastle is proud to power city surveillance programs that help police departments and commertical property owners, businesses, and institutions work together to make our communities safer.

Through our advanced security solutions, we empower property owners, businesses, and institutions to seamlessly integrate their security systems with law enforcement efforts. By enabling direct access to their security cameras for live video streams and smart video search, we facilitate swift response times and enhance situational awareness during emergencies. Together, we’re fostering a collaborative environment where public and private sectors unite to create safer and more secure communities.

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Cloud Based Video & Smart Search

KastleVideo empowers you to be informed and alert to onsite activity in your space or building from anywhere, any time:

Cloud-based for access to live views or recorded clips on any online device, 24/7.
Smart cameras capture video of relevant events only (deliveries, intrusions).
Crisp, HD quality video of live and recorded footage.
Powerful video search expedites detection of critical clips for easy sharing via email with authorities.
Cloud-based platform reduces cyberattack risk of IT network from your video system.
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Apartment Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance Camera

KastleSafeVideo is a robust remote video platform that can maintain apartment building security while also reducing operating costs with the application Kastle’s cutting edge video technology. It provides clients with powerful video analytics and remote guarding services to bolster security without increasing staff at your multifamily properties.


Watch live video of your community spaces and recorded event clips with automatic push notifications.

Kastle 24/7 Expert Monitoring

Using smart cameras with artificial intelligence to provide real-time incident response from a new U.S.-based Video Security Operations Center (VSOC). This live VSOC-supported option may help augment or replace costly guard staff.


Live Remote Video Patrols

Remote Video Patrol enables Kastle to perform live, scheduled visual checks of camera views — rapidly covering large areas of one, or several properties in a timely manner.

When it comes to remote video surveillance, Kastle Systems does it all. This takes the burden off of you, saving you time, money, and allowing you to focus on your core business while Kastle focuses on keeping your space secure.

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Event-Based Video Surveillance & Proactive Response Using A.I.

Kastle’s smart video technology and live monitoring service options can increase your property protection while reducing security cost by outsourcing your video event monitoring to experts 24/7:

  • AI-enabled smart IP Cameras monitor areas for activity and send alerts to Kastle when triggered
  • Real-time incident response from our US-based Video Security Operations Center
  • Enhance existing security—flexibly deploy resources where and when needed

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Live Audio Talkdown

Remote Audio Talkdown enables Kastle to proactively confront unwanted activity over loudspeaker to warn threats before an incident occurs by dispensing live remote audio talk-down to dissuade on-premise intruders, loitering or resident violations. Remote video patrols can make regular video sweeps across a property covering more area in less time than guards alone. Watch the video below to see firsthand how effectively Kastle deters would be trespassers.

Access Alarm Verification

Intrusion alarms are mostly caused by harmless activity like cleaning staff – ergo, police respond with less urgency. Syncing video with access control can solve this problem:



Sync video with access activity to capture clips of every entry to verify cause or even for contact tracing.



Video verified alarms sent to police get 5X faster response.



Checking your alarm-triggered video remotely saves you late night trips into the office to check on cause.

Use New or Existing Video Infrastructure

A new and improved video system doesn’t have to mean throwing out what you have. We’ve engineered our system to be able to work with your existing technology while adding the power of accessing video from anywhere, cloud-based backup, simple search and proactive notifications through analytics. Whether you want to replace one camera, or all of them, we give you a pragmatic and economic way to upgrade your video to the next generation.

Kastle can take over your existing video system to give you the remote viewing of KastleVideo and integrate with your access control.

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