Out-of-date Apartment Security?

Today’s residents expect tech-enabled amenities. Outdated access control makes a property appear old, unsafe, and hard to operate. Kastle’s mobile access, video surveillance, guest management, and video intercom solutions strengthen your security, improve operations, and delight tenants.

Hands-Free Access

With the KastleResident® app tenants can use their smartphone to enter the property, amenities, and even the elevator.

Advanced Visitor Management

Tenants may use their smart phone to allow access and remotely unlock doors for guests and vendors.

Video Intercom

KastleVideocom enables you to grant visitors, vendors, and deliveries secure, temporary access via PIN, QR code, audio, or video verification. It also captures video snippets of visitors entering the lobby.

Easy Integration

Streamline smart access with residential management platform plug-ins and operating systems with open-source code integrations.

24/7 Monitoring & Maintenance

Smart remote live video monitoring with proactive audio to challenge threats. Dedicated 24/7 monitoring and maintenance – cloud-based software updates.

Security as a Service

With every advanced security solution, Kastle includes 24/7 monitoring, maintenance, automatic updates, and training for the life of the contract.

Residential Security Breach?

A multifamily security breakdown is devastating – nothing is a greater trust violation than an unsafe residence.

Kastle Systems ensures your residents’ security with not only the most advanced technology for access control and video surveillance but also the assurance that we are there for the install, monitoring and upkeep – we don’t just sell systems, we provide your security, 24/7, year-round with:

Security Breach
Government Grade Security?

Government grade systems (OSDP, FIPS 201-2, FISMA).

Property Management Integrations

Integrations with property management platforms ensure instant onboarding and deactivation of any user.

Guest Privileges

Temporary guest access enables control of visitor and delivery traffic on-site with activity history.

24/7 Monitoring

Continuous monitoring from our own US-based access control and video surveillance operation centers.

Smart Video

Smart, AI-enabled video monitoring gives greater security with less staff for you.

Verified Alarms

Live video-verification of alarms – accelerating police response.

Regular Updates

Regular maintenance and automatic software upgrades ensure high performance.

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Property Developer

New Multifamily Property Development?

Launching a new residential property requires incredible effort between planning, design, marketing, construction, opening, and finally ongoing operation.

Your security decisions for access control and video surveillance are critical. Not only do they need to be affordable, but also well designed, delivered and installed on-time, and perform at the highest standards.

Selecting Kastle is a smart decision for meeting today’s requirements as well as your residents’ expectations for years to come.

One Vendor

One vendor for both video and access.

One Team

One team from sales to operation – we design to your specs, install to your schedule, then actually monitor your residents’ security and maintain the system for the long term.

Access Control Integration

Easy plug-and-play access control that integrates with tenant experience apps and property management platforms.

Future Proof

Future-proof open interface for technology to come.

Compliant Security

Government quality performance.

Reduced Cost

Remote video monitoring reduces on-site staffing and infrastructure costs.

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Robust Security We Can Operate More Efficiently?

Apartment operating margins are tight, but residents still have luxury aspirations even for security. How do you find multifamily access control and video surveillance that perform flawlessly but save costs through efficiency?

Kastle has technology that performs to the highest standards and usability that scales your operation to increase effectiveness using fewer resources.

  • Interoperable software that enables our access control to sync with your property
    management platform
  • Instant tenant enrollment and deactivation upon lease term
  • Convenient guest access for tenants to grant visitors and deliveries, reducing staff burden
  • No keys or badges for your staff to track
  • AI-enabled video monitoring expands surveillance without increasing staff
  • Simple audit reporting tracks entry activity
  • Outsourced monitoring and maintenance free your resources while increasing security

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