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Smarter Security
That Residents and Landlords Love

Security That Enhances Life for Your Residents (and You)

Apartment residents have more property options to choose from these days and higher expectations for lifestyle, so providing amenities is critical to attracting them.

This surplus of choice is also driving down rental rates, so properties must provide better amenities at lower operating cost.

Security is the ultimate amenity. Make the most of your apartment access control and video surveillance with Kastle’s solutions that provide an enhanced tenant experience and cost-efficient management.

Integration Flexibility

Effectively managing a quality residential property requires high performance technology to ensure the operation runs flawlessly.

Kastle’s open, flexible interface can create a seamless integration between your access systems, property management platform, and resident credentials and experience apps.

Access function integrates with tenant experience apps and property management platforms.

Hands-free access for residents with smartphone-credentials they can use from parking and elevators to unit and fitness center.

Access data synced to authoritative source for streamlined workflows.

Instant tenant enrollment and deactivation upon lease termination.

Easy administration of access to regulate who and when individuals have access to spaces.

Apartment Security Solutions

Elegant Residence Experience

Our smartphone-based access solution enables frictionless resident circulation from garage and elevator to fitness center and apartment unit.

Residents love our visitor registration that allows them to easily grant access to friends or deliveries.

Mobile Credentials

Hands-free touchless access credential app

Check Amenity Availability

Check amenity space occupancy right from their app

Instant Tenant Enrollment

Syncs with resident amenity apps

Easy Administration

Message resident directly through the app


Kastle as a Security Service Provider

Operating a multifamily property is intense and your staff should be focused on serving residents, not managing site security. Why not outsource to dedicated security experts and avoid adding the headcount to your operation?

This is the service we provide at Kastle. We don’t just sell you a system to run, we provide your security for the long term. Kastle is on watch, remotely monitoring you access control and video surveillance 24/7, 365.

Kastle gives you the skill and experience without the costs and infrastructure of onsite guarding, infrastructure and upkeep with:


Expert Monitoring

Continuous, live remote access control monitoring and video monitoring.


Live Remote Video Surveillance

Remote video-based alarm verification to increase police response 5X.


Dedicated Service Techs

Ongoing support of your hardware and software performance with dedicated service team.

Cloud Software

Software Updates

Data backup of all access and records at geo-dispersed operation locations.

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