Visitor Management

Managing Visitors for Safer Spaces & Better Experiences

Lobbies are a hectic place for offices and office buildings as visitors and deliveries come and go. KastleVisitor® helps you control and streamline the traffic and occupant verification to ensure deliveries, meetings and guest visits are expected and recorded for safety and efficiency – all while making a great first impression.

Registration & Scheduling

KastleVisitor® makes it easy to schedule on-site meetings via online calendars and seamlessly register the outside visitor to be expected upon arrival so that they are fluidly processed:

  • Integration with Outlook and Google Calendar email invites sent to external invitee
  • Invitee acceptance syncs with KastleVisitor master schedule to register the expected visitor for authorized temporary access at scheduled meeting time

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Visitor Access Management

KastleVisitor® automatically begins processing visitor check-in pre-arrival to make the event a smooth experience, minimizing arrival backup while maximizing security:

Email Automation

Automatic emails with access QR codes are sent to visitor one hour before the meeting.

Fast, Secure, Mobile Access

QR code is presented at lobby reader upon arrival for check-in – access is only active for that day for specified areas.

Badge Credentials

Front desk credentialing is carried out with visitor badge printing.

Visitor Pass

KastleVisitor® can process visitors using Visitor Pass, an iPad enabled check-in device in the front lobby in lieu of requiring front desk staff.

  • Automatic emails with access QR codes are sent to the scheduled visitor one hour before the meeting just as with the front-desk scenario above.
  • Upon arrival, the visitor scans their QR code to check-in -- access is activated for that day, within specified times and building locations.
  • Front desk credentialing is carried out automatically via printed visitor badge, the visitor may then proceed to the location for which they are approved.

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