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Continuous Protection

When it comes to protecting your premier properties and the people in them, you want a sure thing. You want enhanced security and solid performance, but also user delight and data insight. You want a security provider who’s a partner, not a vendor. A leader, not a follower. An innovator, not just an integrator.

Smarter Spaces

People move the world. Their presence drives innovation, production, and commerce. We believe that ensuring their wellbeing with exceptional spaces for living and working together safely, sustainably, and conveniently, will enhance their quality of life to make the world a better place.

We strive to achieve this vision of “exceptional spaces” for our clients so that their businesses are places that people want to be.

Office Locations

Security Sustained

Security is not a transaction, it’s a state of being – a continuous process composed of good design, robust systems, continuous oversight and upkeep, and dedicated experts on watch, always. This is what Kastle has delivered to our clients for almost 50 years: an ongoing relationship where we take ownership of your security system operation so you can focus on your business.

Always Innovating

Hardware and software can become outdated. That’s why we’ve always understood that “security as a service” is the “wave of the future” that never ends – our service anticipates the unfolding of the future. As such, we build our systems on an open interface application so that we can configure our operation to integrate with whatever new technologies arise.

From the start, we have valued innovation and invested in technology to expand the definition of security. We look for innovations in other industries for disruptions that may inform how people’s innate behaviors can be simplified or made more convenient. Because for us, security is more than preventing break-ins; it’s about making spaces safer, more convenient, and more efficient for the people who use them.

Security at Your Service

What makes Kastle exceptional is our focus on security as a managed service. It’s all we do, and all we’ve ever done. We have built our company on the belief that the most effective approach is a complete one: because we engineer, install, monitor, and maintain your system, we are invested in its end-to-end performance.

We recognize that technology alone does not secure employees and assets. It’s Kastle’s reliable people and processes combined with our advanced technology that ensures complete protection. Innovative outsourced security services significantly reduce costs and improve the critically important, 24×7 performance of security systems for building owners, developers, tenants and residents.

Our Solutions

Expert Monitoring

Continuous expert monitoring
every day, all year.

Live Remote Video Surveillance

Live remote video monitoring from Kastle video surveillance operation center.

Dedicated Service Techs

Dedicated Kastle maintenance to keep your system performing as intended.

Software Updates

Ongoing software updates to outpace new risks without disrupting your operation.

Dedicated Account Team

Dedicated account team to better serve you as needs arise.

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