Outdoor Operations

Remote Video Guarding More Security - Less Cost

Kastle VideoGuarding uses smart AI-enabled outdoor video surveillance in tandem with 24/7 live event-based monitoring from our Video Security Operations Center to provide robust and proactive security that is more immediate, accurate, scalable and less expensive than using on-site guards. Stop theft and vandalism before it happens.

Construction Site Security

Smarter Jobsite Security Monitoring

Kastle VideoGuarding helps contractors secure sites and reduce risks inherent with construction using artificial intelligence (AI) equipped cameras for proactive threat detection before incidents occur.

Our KastleMobileSentry package for jobsite monitoring is more effective and less expensive than on-site guards. Our “smart cameras” can constantly monitor for trespassers or moving vehicles over larger areas. If a threat is detected, an instant alert goes to Kastle’s Video Operations Center and video is streamed live — if our staff validate the threat, we can apply live audio talk-down via on-site speakers and/or call authorities.

Read here how Gilbane Building Company uses technology Kastle VideoGuarding to help secure their jobsite.

Read here for tips from The Hartford on 5 ways that video monitoring can help mitigate construction site risk.

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Cloud Video Storage: Jobsite Records at Your Fingertips

Get instant verification that trusses got delivered, the steel was set, or if the footers were poured.

Kastle’s Cloud Video Surveillance records jobsite activity and enables you to monitor project progress from anywhere, anytime on any online device. Our construction security systems allow you to:

  • Monitor one project – or hundreds – from anywhere in the world.
  • Video analytics identify and catalog activity for easy video search.
  • Share clips of footage with management, contractors, even police with a few clicks.
  • Perform safety audits remotely.
  • Capture video evidence for insurance or performance claims.

Scrap and Recycling Surveillance

Detect Dangerous Temperatures Before it’s too Late

Kastle’s advanced thermographic detection system provides early warning through service temperature monitoring by our U.L. listed Central Station. Kastle will alert yard management and fire department personnel when predefined temperatures are reached.

Stop Theft. Save Money.

Securing a scrap yard is challenging. They are frequently located in remote outdoor venues which expose their valuable metal inventory to easy daytime observation while at night also making them darker to guard and more readily accessible to intruders.

Kastle VideoGuarding uses advanced video cameras that never blink and see clearly in the dark to detect threatening activity and capture crisp HD quality video alerting immediate audio response to stop thieves and before damage occurs.

Detect Intruders Better than Live Guards

Our clients are amazed at the accuracy of our artificial intelligence-driven video surveillance to correctly detect and differentiate threats from other objects and movement.

This powerful technology enables recycling centers and scrap yards to secure their properties more effectively and more affordably than round-the clock guards:

  • Over 50% less expensive than most security guard hourly rates.
  • Covers more area instantly, with better night vision, and guard never loses focus or doses off.
  • Staff is never subjected to dangerous situations.
  • Guard staff is inherently removed from any local collusion with vandals, or thieves.
  • Audio Talkdown can confront trespassers faster.

Outdoor Camera Coverage

See how Lee Iron and Metal Company eliminated theft losses by implementing Kastle’s Remote Video Guarding and are saving 89% per month versus their previous security guard expenses.

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Auto Auction Site Security

Prevent Theft and Vandalism of Inventory

Auto inventory is a valuable investment that needs protection around the clock. Perimeter security is critical, but it’s not sufficient. You need the expanded coverage that only managed video surveillance can achieve.

Kastle’s remote video guarding service uses intelligent video camera technology to automatically detect trespassers instantly and notify Kastle’s 24/7 operations center where our remote security personnel can issue immediate live audio talk down, notify site management and dispatch the police.

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Easier to Manage, More Affordable than Guards

Having security cameras isn’t enough to protect your auction lot from losses – who needs a video recording after a theft occurs? You need live video monitoring of your cameras to proactively prevent theft or vandalism from happening.

  • Monitored by Kastle’s US-Based, UL-Listed Video Operations Center.
  • Zero false alarms – we verify all alarm causes.
  • Remotely manage your yard from any device or smart phone.
  • More efficient and more cost effective than a security guard.

Remote Entry/Exit Management

After hours deliveries are not a problem with Kastle’s virtual gate attendant. Remote personnel can grant ingress and egress, logging and reporting on this activity.

Remote Delivery

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