School Security & Visitor Management System

Proud to Protect What We Hold Most Dear

Security is the highest priority for school administration and parents of students. But the administrative staff managing schools are typically experts at education, but not security — yet they are still responsible for keeping students safe. Schools choose Kastle to secure their facilities, students and staff because we ARE security experts and we remain on watch to protect them with the best equipment, reliable processes and expert personnel to provide continuous security performance, monitoring and response.

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Effortless Integration

School security is frequently a patchwork of disparate legacy systems run in an ad-hoc fashion which is inefficient and hard to manage. Kastle can replace outmoded components and re-purpose operable ones to integrate all into one efficient system for easy operation.

Enhanced Control

System integration enables consolidation of security control to one central portal. The administrator can regulate access rights by person, schedule and door location, revoke access to any user or even lock-down the entire school in an instant. It’s cloud-based so it’s accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Visitor Management

KastleVisitor® works with the tools you use every day and delivers unmatched convenience. Integrated with Outlook and Google calendars, it streamlines the visitor process while improving the security of your school with more control and knowledge of who can visit your school and when.


Performance Maintenance

Performance Maintenance

Faculty don’t have time or expertise to keep track of software upgrades, maintain performance or fix issues when they arise. With Kastle, educators know they have dedicated Kastle customer service they can call any time and they know we are monitoring their security all the time.

Budget Control

Budget Control

As a managed service, your maintenance, monitoring, updates, and necessary repairs are all covered in one ongoing monthly fee, just like a gym membership. You won’t experience security budget surprises as new situations arise, making it easier to manage financially.

School & Visitor Security Solutions

Kastle is proud to serve the Education community and provides expertise regarding new construction, upgrades, replacement and consolidation of many different systems onto a single platform. As a security partner that designs, installs, and operates your system, we help you fulfill your promise of a safe learning environment. That’s what we call best-in-class managed security.

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