Proud to Protect What We Hold Most Dear

Today, schools and colleges have heightened sensitivity to security risks. Never before has there been a more significant need to take proactive steps that can prevent potentially threatening and dangerous incidents. To design a system utilizing the latest advancements in the market, the first step is often a fresh audit and assessment of what is in place and identification of vulnerabilities. Those assessments typically focus on perimeter control, authorization rights and privileges, visitor management processes, monitoring and response practices and the process for maintaining system integrity at all times.

Years of Hands-on Experience

We have learned that many schools are challenged with incomplete and disparate systems – parts and pieces – that leave gaps in security at the same time being difficult to manage and maintain. School administrators in this case are forced to have a high degree of system familiarity and training to operate those systems, on top of their typical day job.

Kastle Systems’ Approach to School Security

Kastle is uniquely able to solve this problem and offer the type of heightened security practices needed to protect children in today’s world. With Kastle, schools can bring together their disparate systems into a single platform and interface for easier visibility and control. More importantly, however, schools can outsource the security accountability to a company that specializes in 24×7 security performance, monitoring and response. We partner with schools to leverage what they have in place and design, install and operate the entire system on their behalf. Kastle is proud of the work it does to help the education community stay ahead of threats and fulfill the promise of a safe learning environment. Our managed security approach can help you, too.

Areas of Expertise

  • School Site Surveys and Security System Design
  • Access Control Technologies
  • Video Surveillance
  • Electronic Visitor Management
  • Panic Duress Systems and Response
  • Lockdown and Lockout Solutions
  • 24×7 Monitoring and Response Centers

Solutions for Education

Kastle is proud to serve the Education community and provides expertise regarding new construction, upgrades, replacement and consolidation of many different systems onto a single platform.  As a security partner that designs, installs, and operates your system, we help you fulfill your promise of a safe learning environment.  That’s what we call best-in-class managed security.