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Smarter Security
for Happier Tenants
and Landlords

Building Security That is Always Working for You

Tenants count on you to run a quality property so they can operate their business effectively. Security is perhaps the most important amenity you can provide.

Kastle delivers on their high expectations for you. We don’t just sell commercial access control and video surveillance – we design, install, monitor and maintain your systems for the long term.

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Open to Integration and Scalability

Modern commercial real estate is managed by technology and if your access control can easily integrate with smart building systems and property management platforms your life becomes easier, business runs better, and tenants are happier.

Kastle access software features an open interface that can operate across systems, enabling streamlined operations like:

One Credential Across Locations

Single credential for building and office with instant individual credentialing or deactivation.

Management Made Easy

Access profiles sync with property and tenant directories for ease of management.

Smart API

Integrate with property management platforms.

Future Proof

Flexibility to adapt to future technology without replacement.

Commercial Security Solutions

A Better Tenant Experience

In a competitive market for tenants, amenities matter, and security is the most valued expectation — but when your security is Kastle, your other building amenities come alive:

Single smartphone credential enables free flow through shared spaces.

Occupancy status check of shared spaces before entering.

Easy plug-in syncs access control with tenant engagement apps.

Instant user enrollment and deactivation.

Smart building system integrations like elevators, lighting sensors, even copiers.

Security as a Service

Commercial property pros have enough to manage without adding security operations. We don’t just leave you with a system to run, we provide your security service for the long term. Even during a pandemic lockdown (like 2020) when your building is empty, your security monitoring is still in place.

Kastle provides outsourced expertise without the costs and infrastructure of onsite guarding, infrastructure and maintenance with:

Expert Monitoring

Dedicated, round-the-clock, live remote monitoring of access and video.

Exceptional Service

Continuous upkeep of your hardware and software.

Live Remote Video Monitoring

Live remote video verification of alarms to get police response 5X faster.

Cloud Backups

Storage backup of all access and video data at multiple ops centers.

Dedicated Account Service Team

Ongoing software updates to outpace new risks without disrupting your operation.

Scalability Across Multiple Properties

Scalability to monitor entire property portfolios.

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