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Commercial Real Estate

Solutions for Commercial Real Estate

Tenants count on you to run a quality property so they can operate their business effectively. Security is perhaps the most important amenity you can provide. Kastle delivers on their high expectations for you. We don’t just sell commercial access control and video surveillance – we design, install, monitor and maintain your systems for the long term.

Before the Pour Planning

Kastle offers complementary, no obligation, analysis, planning, and design for commercial real estate developers. We provide a security and technology plan as an integrated component of your building’s structural, electrical, HVAC, elevator, and parking systems. Our expertise ensures a building is well-secured preventing the need for costly construction change orders late in the building process.

Comprehensive Access Control

Kastle provides superior access control — stronger security, greater convenience, easier and more accurate activity reporting, and unmatched integration with building systems and amenities.

Residential & Multifamily

Solutions for Multifamily Properties

Now multifamily developers, property managers, and tenants can take full advantage of Kastle technology. We partner with developers “before-the-pour” to consult, plan and design integrated solutions for your building. Property managers are supported with simplified credentialing, self-tours, and remote video guarding. Access becomes an amenity with mobile credentials, hands-free controls, remote unlock, and guest access that surprises and delights future and current tenants.

Touchless Access for Multifamily Properties

Security is the ultimate amenity. Make the most of your community by using KastleResident to provide an enhanced tenant experiences, and streamline the management of your access credentials.

Guest Management

Kastle offers a comprehensive range of solutions for managing guest access. Our video intercom solution allows residents to see and approve guests from their smartphone using the KastleResident® app, and pre approved delivery drivers may use personalized codes to enter the building. Temporary credentials can also be assigned to visitors, cleaners, or dog walkers with unique QR codes that can only be used during specific times.

Future Resident Self-Tour

Empower future residents to schedule tours, gain access, and explore your properties using their mobile device.

Access Control

Comprehensive Access Control

Kastle provides superior access control — stronger security, greater convenience, easier and more accurate activity reporting, and unmatched integration with building systems and amenities.

KastlePresence®: Making Spaces Safer, Smarter and More Convenient

Your smartphone is your new key to your space. Kastle Systems’ innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solution, KastlePresence, provides breakthrough convenience with hands-free mobile access and makes occupants safer, buildings smarter and access more convenient.

Tenant Office Security

Kastle’s integrated security solutions backed by innovative technology and a team of security experts offer convenient access control security for buildings and office suites that can enable a touch-free mobile access experience.

Visitor Management

Kastle Videocom®

Kastle Videocom is a fully customizable intercom solution for residential buildings and businesses. Strengthen your security with unique QR codes for visitors, and authorized pin codes for pre-approved individuals such as delivery drivers, or cleaning crews. High quality video allows tenants, property managers, and residents to let invited guests in – and keep unwanted guests out.

Kastle VisitorPass®

Kastle VisitorPass decreases lobby congestion with quick, touchless, visitor processing. Pre-authorized visitors are processed using QR codes, and unannounced guests can use their driver’s license to check in. VisitorPass automatically prints visitor badges, and can be be tied to building access, including building elevators and turnstiles.

Parking Management


KastlePark is a cloud-based parking management solution improving building administrator and tenant experiences. Using a single identity-based mobile credential, KastlePark allows for faster employee on or off-boarding, easier reporting, cost efficiencies, and increased security.

Video Surveillance

Remote Video Guarding

Kastle’s AI-enabled smart video technology and live video monitoring center based in the U.S. can increase your property protection, with verified video, improved emergency response times, and reduced security your costs.

Kastle Systems’ Cloud Video Surveillance Solution

Kastle’s cloud video solution is redefining video surveillance. We show our response to current problems and trends in the security industry with our innovative video solution that has a revolutionary video search engine that’s as easy to use as google and advance video analytics, all backed by our world class geo-dispersed operations centers.

VideoGuarding® Solutions

Watch how Kastle’s VideoGuarding solutions for the scrap and recycling industries stop theft and save money. Using a combination of video analytics, live audio talk down, and remote video monitoring, VideoGuarding ensures the safety and protection of your people and valued assets while reducing your liability and risk.



Kastle is making significant advancements in building access control technology, including Destination Dispatch elevators, using touchless technology to call elevators and send visitors to their desired floor. KastleSafeSpaces is helping property managers and building owners reopen their spaces with enhanced health and safety protocols to increase confidence among occupants that their workplace is safe and secure.

Touchless Access

A turnkey integrated solution for access control technology to ensure safety with truly touchless access for operating doors, elevators, and visitor processing. KastleSafeSpaces solution can help ensure a better transition to the workplace with optimal health safety protocols while minimizing disruptions in daily operations.

Touchless Elevators

Our KastlePresence mobile access app integrates with most destination dispatch elevators to enable a completely touchless elevator experience for tenants. Users are able to call elevators and select floors using the KastlePresence app. The app only displays floors to which the user has authorized access. This process ensures a safe and secure work environment while reducing lobby congestion. When used in tandem with KastleVisitor, the app can send QR codes to visitors that will automatically select the destination floor for them touchlessly.

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