Touchless Access

Touchless AccessTouchless Access Control

Secure your office with a state-of-the-art access control from Kastle Systems. Nationwide, Kastle is the Leader in Managed Security, servicing over 3,600 commercial buildings and 41,000 business just like yours. Take advantage of this opportunity to extend our service to your front door, and explore the next generation of access control and cloud based solutions on your smart phone.

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Touchless ElevatorsTouchless Elevators

Eliminates Hand Contact

Mobile phone app provides all elevator controls for destination selection.

Enforces Safe Occupancy

KastlePresence® app only displays floors to which the user has authorized access.

Move Occupants Faster

Faster floor selection directly from cell phone reduces elevator lobby congestion around the kiosk.

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QR CodeTouchless Visitor

KastleVisitor® can process visitors remotely using email communications and QR codes to access your building, elevators, and office suite.

Automated Emails

By integrating with your meeting scheduler, automatic emails are sent to visitors, verifying their identity. Access may be tied to health screenings.

Mobile Access using QR Codes

Upon verification, unique QR codes are automatically sent to visitors. Access is only activated during designated times and specified meeting areas.

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