Student Housing

Making Student Life Safer and More Enjoyable

Modern Security to Protect the Future of So Many

Student housing is the step between the family home and first career apartment. Providing robust security gives your community the edge it needs to assure parents of your commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable home away from home for their student.

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Mobile Access

Kastle’s access control software provides integration with your operating platform allowing for real time, tech-forward credentialed access to each amenity, unit and bedroom door on your property.

If there’s one thing today’s student tenants appreciate in their lifestyle, it’s mobile-based convenience. Smartphone-based access control credentials are an ideal solution.

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Seamless Bluetooth Access

KastleResident® is a Bluetooth-based smartphone access credential that provides powerful security with each signal encrypted, but also delivers a fluid, hands-free access experience across systems and locations, from parking and the gym to elevators and the residential unit.

Cloud-Based Administration

It’s also an easier system to manage for the administrator using a cloud-based platform that you can access and operate from anywhere to activate or deactivate access rights immediately, revise door schedules on the fly, even lockdown an entire facility at moment’s notice.

Video Synced with Access

And it syncs with Kastle’s video surveillance so that you, or Kastle Operations if you prefer, can monitor our smart, AI-based cameras to capture video clips of specific relevant events, making it easier to search, verify alarms or match visual identity records to actual access history by event.

24/7 Expert Monitoring

While the system is amazing and easy to operate, perhaps the biggest benefit for property administrators is that your security, both for access control and video surveillance, is monitored and maintained continuously by our experts at Kastle Systems Operations Centers relieving you of this management burden.

Campus Security Solutions

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