Partner Integrations

Access Control for Business Partners

Kastle: An Integrated System

Unlike other “security system integrators,” Kastle does not merely sell security systems for others to operate. We do not partner with middleware providers in order to “plug-in” to just any system run by someone else.

Rather, Kastle provides dedicated Security-as-a-Service as an “integrated security system.”

For clients like commercial and multifamily operators and their tenants, that means we install, operate and maintain the access control and/or video surveillance operations as a long-term engagement.

For our business partner organizations, be they web software platforms like Building Management systems; hardware providers, like readers, cameras and elevators; or mobile apps like Tenant Experience platforms; we use their operational or mechanical infrastructure to help deliver our security functions like access control and video surveillance.

Since we “own” the security operation, which we perform at the highest standard in the industry, we select to partner with similar high performing industry players — we want the “integrated operation” to be as flawless as our own.

Web Platforms

In today’s world of IoT, cloud computing, and the tight interaction between smart buildings, their occupants and operators, an ecosystem of web-based platforms, from building automation and security systems to HRIS management and accounting, enable previously separate functions to seamlessly work together to optimize safety, efficiency and sustainability for the benefit of all.

Access Control, both physical and logical, is foundational to the effective inter-operation of these functions – the knowledge and confidence that the correct individual identities are engaging with the spaces and networks at the right times, in the right numbers ensures the entities within can thrive.

Kastle security has developed seamless integration with an ever-expanding spectrum of web platform partners that all embrace the same high standards of effectiveness in delivery of their service. These platform functions include (but are not limited to):

  • Visitor Management
  • Amenity Operations
  • Identity Services
  • Occupancy Management
  • Transportation
  • Co-Working
  • Building Management
  • Health & Wellness
  • Identity Assurance
  • Anti-Tailgating
  • Accounting
  • Data Analytics

Mobile App Operations

The ubiquity and personalization of the smartphone in our daily lives and the incredible array of web-based functions it can enable, literally in the palm of our hands, makes it an ideal platform for delivering identity-based services tailored for the user to experience to make life richer.

While Kastle offers our own branded mobile access control solutions, KastlePresence® and KastleResident®, we also integrate and embed the function into broader partner application platforms, or we can integrate their function into ours. In both cases, Kastle selectively partners with app operations like:

  • Tenant Experience
  • Health & Wellness


Hardware Providers

Kastle does not typically create our own hardware, but rather we selectively partner with the highest quality brands in the industry to design Kastle-specific integration that enhances their hardware performance to deliver the best-in-class Kastle Access Control and Video Surveillance services for years on end, including the ongoing maintenance and repair needed to ensure our security fulfillment to clients. Hardware devices include (but are not limited to):

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