Managed Access Control Systems

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Access Control is the foundation of a solid security plan. But it can do so much more than merely open doors – it can enhance the user experience for tenants, residents and your operational team.

Kastle provides superior access control — stronger security, greater convenience, easier and more accurate activity reporting, and unmatched integration with building systems and amenities.

Secure & Convenient Touchless Access Control

Kastle’s physical access control solutions for Multifamily, Commercial and Office customers keeps spaces safe and enhances the experience for users:

Government-specified security performance (FIPS, Soc II and GDPR compliant).

Effortless convenience of smartphone mobile app credential options.

Future-proof flexibility across technology from Bluetooth, to prox cards, or anything tomorrow brings.

Single user credential can work across multiple spaces, properties or platforms.

Elegant modern access readers that are highly secure yet open to accommodate the future.

Powerful controllers for scalable performance and design flexibility.

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Keyless Entry for Apartments

Kastle Systems’ innovative philosophy of managed security as an amenity includes a keyless entry system from the garage to the lobby, the elevator to the roof deck, and the fitness room to the apartment unit – all using a single credential (access card, key fob, or smartphone-based digital key via KastleResident®) that works everywhere within the community. It’s access control that’s intuitive, comprehensive, convenient and desirable for residents.

Access as an Amenity

Our smartphone-based access solution enables frictionless resident circulation from garage and elevator to fitness center and apartment unit. Residents love our visitor registration that allows them to easily grant access to friends or deliveries.

Remote Cloud-Based Access Management

Get the ultimate administrative control and operational efficiency for managing physical access security at your organization:

Remote Management

Login from anywhere to manage users, locations and even reporting from a single online portal.

Active Directory Integration

Integration with user active directory to easily and instantly add or revoke access rights to any location.

Flexible Operation

Flexible operation to change door schedules, access rights or even lockdown activation remotely from any device.

Powerful Data

Easy, fast and powerful data reporting for space use analysis, contact tracing, auditing, compliance & more.

SaaS Software

Regular and Instant SaaS software upgrades pushed from Kastle to your system.

Dedicated Access Monitoring

Dedicated, continuous access monitoring by Kastle of your access and alarm activity as well as system performance – experts protect your people & property continuously.

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Seamless System Integrations

Kastle led the adoption of open interoperability between physical and logical security to empower customers to integrate access control with other business systems from HR user directories and office devices to legacy access control and smart building automation tools – a seamless operation.

Shared Access

Ability to share access rights across landlords, tenants, or departments.

Custom Integration

Integrate access control with other applications like property management platforms, health screening, and tenant experience apps using our SDK and open API.

Smart Building Controls

Synchronization with smart building systems like elevators, lighting & HVAC.

Flexible Access Control

Fluid operation across locations from parking garages and office buildings to shared gyms and individual office suite.

Reduced Cost

Employs legacy access systems architecture for continued operation without replacement cost.

Monitoring Your Security

Unlike most access control companies, Kastle doesn’t merely sell hardware and software for customers to operate themselves. We design and install the components and then monitor your security and maintain the performance of your system continuously as a service.

You get best in class technology, AND ongoing expert security oversight that you otherwise have to manage yourself.

Our average client stays with us over a decade for good reason. They know they can count on us for their security and they don’t have to worry about it.

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