Occupancy Management


Workplace Occupancy Management

Contact tracingContact Tracing

Using an access control system, such as Kastle, offices can more simply and less intrusively monitor which employees are crossing paths on the premises. This means that if an employee is ill, anyone who came in contact with that person will be promptly notified. By adding intelligent video, companies can refine the searches to an even finer degree to see who was in the closest proximity of each other.

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Monitoring & Access Control

Lower Occupancy Means More Space

Allowing fewer people in a space provides more room for separation between occupants.

Access Control Counts Occupancy

Requiring credentials for access can record the number of entries and exits to measure current occupancy.

Alerts and Lockouts at Capacity

When occupancy count nears capacity, an email notifies management. At capacity, the space can be locked until occupancy reduces.

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Capacity Monitoring

View Real-Time Occupancy in KastlePresence

Occupancy Levels on Your Mobile Device

Real-time view of occupancy levels in predefined zones such as fitness center, lunchroom, or rooftop terrace, helps tenants feel comfortable in the building.

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Occupancy Management

ReportingCompliance Reporting

Easily create lists of people authorized to enter the building, or specific areas, and report historical data.

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Compliance Reporting

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