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Implementing an effective multi-location or enterprise access control or video surveillance solution is as much about managing complexity as it is ensuring security. You need systems that scale with consistency but also can flexibly integrate across a variety of legacy systems, building types and regional requirements.

Kastle has the expertise to scale your enterprise workplace security with a central operations center to ensure 24/7, 365 monitoring of all your sites from one location as well as localized Kastle offices for installation, maintenance and service in major US metros across the country.

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Scalable Integrations

Kastle is a cloud-based service so we can centrally monitor office locations anywhere, and our software has an open application interface so we can easily integrate with diverse systems to provide a consistent operation across legacy components in multi-locations:

One Credential Across Locations

Single credential that can work for both your building and office access, even if they separate providers.

Legacy System Takeover

Legacy system takeovers for both access and video surveillance reusing existing credentials and equipment to minimize disruption and enable cost savings.

Synchronized Workplace Access

Workplace user access privileges synced with your active user identity directory for easy and fast user onboarding or shut off as needed.

Flexible Access Control

Flexible access control that can operate with mobile-based Bluetooth credentials or older RFID proximity cards as well as digital visitor passes.

Enterprise Security Solutions

Enhanced Usability

Kastle’s thoughtful design and continuing focus on innovation have resulted in products and services with remarkable convenience and ease of use such as:

Bluetooth-enabled, smartphone-based access control that the that operate from the user’s pocket or purse.

A single employee credential that works across multiple sites.

One click credentialing from the active identity source to an app on the employee’s phone.

Searchable cloud-based video clips of relevant surveillance events that can be shared via email.

Convenient aggregated reporting of access history across sites.

The Kastle Service

The average business enterprise doesn’t want to employ an entire security division across locations that aren’t contributing to core business.

With Kastle, we run your security remotely as a service with our experts managing and maintaining access control and video surveillance so your workforce can focus on your business. We don’t sell systems for the client to manage – we do it at your service for the long-term including:

Expert Monitoring

Continuous expert monitoring every day, all year.

Live Remote Video Surveillance

Live remote video monitoring from Kastle video surveillance operation center.

Dedicated Service Techs

Dedicated Kastle maintenance to keep your system performing as intended.

Software Updates

Ongoing software updates to outpace new risks without disrupting your operation.

Dedicated Account Team

Dedicated account team to better serve you as needs arise.

Free Ongoing Training

Training for administrators and employees whenever you need it at no extra cost for the life of the system.

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