Security as a Service

Security Management

We believe that providing you a complete security management solution not only makes it more convenient, but also ensures that the job is thorough and well done.

Companies that manage what they recommend, and install are motivated to provide you with a reliable solution. Staffed nationwide, we have security experts and operators skilled in advanced security technology, customer service, monitoring, system maintenance, and operations. You get a well-rounded perspective. You get a full team, every time.

Don’t settle for a partial solution. Learn why Kastle Systems’ complete managed service approach to security makes your spaces safer, more convenient, and more efficient.

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MyKastle® Security
Management Tool

Cloud Based, Mobile & On Demand

You expect security portal software that’s intuitive and comprehensive, and Kastle Systems delivers. The myKastle® security portal is your interface to see, control and manage security like never before. As the largest managed security service provider to property and facility managers, we are constantly working with customers on new features they’d like to see. Our research and development benefits you, as each improvement not only enriches the tool for your use, but also is provided to you with no additional fee.

Increase Productivity & Save Money

Our Security Portal management tool increases your productivity and saves you money – whether you’re securing a single site or are a large enterprise with multiple locations.

Get Automatic Access to New Features

The Security Portal also allows you to get automatic access to innovative new features and functions – no lengthy installations or downloads.

Protect Your Information

MyKastle protects your information via redundant databases across Kastle’s operations centers.

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Your personnel or tenants can use one credential to enter authorized doors, floors, and facilities – even between offices hundreds of miles apart.
Capture incidents in real-time through video verification that’s triggered the moment a security event occurs.
Get custom reports automatically emailed to you daily, weekly, or monthly.
Easily navigate through your facility’s security system on a floor-by-floor basis with interactive maps.
Utilize live card administration so you don’t have to wait hours for a new employee’s card.
Add a meeting to your calendar with our easy-to-use scheduling.

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Business Continuity
Real-Time, Redundant, Resilient Security

With 10,000 sites and millions of people to keep safe, Kastle Systems goes above and beyond the typical monitoring model to provide extra security to our clients. Our buildings are all connected via VPN around the clock, which gives us the ability to remotely report on everything that happens in each of our buildings live, in real time.

We monitor our buildings at several sites simultaneously, which allows for:

Redundancy | Resiliency | Real-Time 24×7 Response


With Kastle’s business continuity in place, any one of our monitoring locations can pick up and take over for any other location with no lag or backups. This inherent resiliency provides our clients with superior security while providing the quickest and best response in a crisis situation.

Business Analytics

Data is the beneficial byproduct of Kastle Systems’ 24×7 monitoring process, and our business intelligence tool, myCompass, puts this valuable information to work for you.

Valuable Insight

Our 24×7 monitoring service collects millions of pieces of data, and Kastle’s business intelligence tool turns this information into insight you can use. Understand use patterns and benchmark against best practices to further enhance your building’s security.

Eye-Opening Comps

MyCompass gives you a window into your surroundings, making it easy to compare your system to your neighbor’s and incorporate local crime reports to help you make good security decisions.

Actionable Statistics

You can administer your security plan with confidence, thanks to the building statistics provided through myCompass. Building owners and tenants can use these statistics to make smart management decisions.

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End-to-End Security Service

Kastle is your trusted outsourced security partner. You can count on us to comprehensively address your security needs with our end-to-end managed approach. We provide you a dedicated account manager backed by our team of experts and innovative technology to manage your system from design and installation to operating and monitoring it 24×7.



We create managed security solutions based on an expert assessment of your unique environment and situation.



We partner with the leading manufacturers in our industry and can build open, standardized systems suited to you.



We implement our designs using industry best practices, with minimal business interruption.



Your system operates in peak condition because we repair, replace, and warranty our products – including free ongoing software upgrades.



Our team of trained operators works in the industry’s most advanced centers 24×7, responding to critical signals that are reported to your administrators.



We take responsibility for security procedures, database management, and reporting on trends and events, delivering the highest level of preparedness.



Kastle Systems’ dedicated account managers work as your main point of contact while our tools and organization ensure we can always assist you quickly.



We strengthen your business continuity plans with redundancy in power, connectivity, support coverage, and data storage.

Around the Clock Monitoring

Kastle Systems’ commitment to innovation extends to our monitoring centers. Unlike other security companies, we are connected to our buildings via VPN 24×7. This connection gives us the ability to remotely report on everything that’s happening in your space live, in real time. It’s just like we’re sitting in your building – but we do this for all of our properties.

True Concierge Service

Our priority queue reports everything but orders it from highest to lowest priority, allowing our operators to respond to the most important events first.

Inherent Resiliency

Any Kastle location can immediately pick up and take over for any other location, providing our clients with valuable peace of mind.

Expert Response

Kastle’s team of operators receive extensive training in our advanced technology and innovative solutions, and they are committed to your security. Their 24×7 dedication makes all the difference.


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