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Workplace safety is more than keeping threats away – it’s making the office a better place to be, both now and in the future. Well-designed office access control or office video surveillance can protect your people and property while making the work experience more enjoyable, the operation more efficient and the business system integrations seamless with whatever new technology the future brings.

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Open System Integration

Kastle’s cloud-based security platform features an open interface lending us the ability to integrate our systems across disparate platforms such as:

One Credential Across Locations

One Credential Across Locations

Single credential for building and office with instant individual credentialing or deactivation.

Management Made Easy

Management Made Easy

Access profiles sync with property and tenant directories for ease of management.

Smart API

Smart API

Integrate with property management platforms.

Future Proof

Future Proof

Flexibility to adapt to future technology without replacement.

Business Office Security Solutions

Superior User Experience

Kastle’s advanced technology, flexible design and continuing focus on innovation enhances usability to delight both administrators and employees:

Hands-free access control using smartphone credentials.

Instant credential assignment with one click of a button.

Manage the system remotely from a single screen.

Seamless reporting for audits and compliance.

Smooth and secure visitor management for you and your guests.

Smart cameras that capture clips of relevant video surveillance events all centrally stored in the cloud for fast searching and sharing.

Dedicated Security Service

Most businesses are not run by security experts managing and maintaining access control and video surveillance. But with Kastle you have dedicated experts ensuring you security monitoring, updates and maintenance so you can focus on running your business.

Kastle doesn’t just sell a systems and leave it for you to figure out. We give you security as a service including:

Expert Monitoring

Expert monitoring 24/7, 365 by Kastle experts.

Live Remote Video Surveillance

Dedicated Service Techs

Dedicated maintenance technicians keep your system operating effectively.

Software Updates

Ongoing software updates to outpace new risks without disrupting your operation.

Dedicated Account Team

Dedicated account team to better serve you as needs arise.

Free Ongoing Training

Training for administrators and employees whenever you need it at no extra cost for the life of the system.

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