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Securing Productivity in the Hybrid Workplace

Employers are embracing the hybrid workplace, but there is still no playbook for how to implement this massive structural change.  Learn More

An Office Space Crisis may be Imminent for Real Estate Lenders

Unused office space could flood the U.S. market this year as leases expire and more companies permanently shift to remote or hybrid work.  Learn More

3 Tips for Leaders Navigating Their Return to Office Journey

Although it feels like we’ve been talking about anywhere work for over two years — and we have — the journey is really just beginning. But not everyone is embarking from the same starting point. We see a variety of companies:   Learn More

Tech Tips to Manage Limited Occupancy in the Workplace

Are you struggling with limited occupancy in the workplace but do not have the budget to upsize? Many business leaders are restructuring their office spaces following the pandemic.  Learn More

Hybrid Work Is Here to Stay

Kastle’s base tenant package is a hybrid work starter kit for office managers who want to transition to hybrid work quickly and effectively.  Learn More

Integrated Thinking for Office Physical & Cyber Security

To prevent a data breach, businesses need to focus on physical security of their office as much, if not more, than the security of their computer networks alone.  Learn More

One Integrated System for Access Management

Kastle access control technology provides an integrated view of identity presence data over time for employees and visitors.  Learn More

Top 5 problems with Today’s Parking Garages

KastlePark, cloud-based parking software, erases many of the pain points associated with parking garages. This solution integrates office building and parking garage access management into one synchronized system.  Learn More

A Day in the Hybrid Office

Step into the shoes of an HR manager and an employee as they navigate the new office normal.  Learn More

5 Ways KastleSafeSpaces Protects the Workforce as People Return to the Office

KastleSafeSpaces is a recently launched service to help commercial properties safely transition the workforce back to on-premises operations. By configuring in-place access control technology, KastleSafeSpaces is easy to implement, and offers a robust set of tools to make health screening protocols part of the daily office routine.  Learn More

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