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New Office, No Problems: Law Office Moves 2000 Employees With 0 Issues

Moving or remodeling your office? Make it a smooth experience by working with Kastle to design and plan your access and video system.  Learn More

Legal Industry Return to Office Outpaces Broader Commercial Office Average As Tracked by Kastle Systems Back to Work Barometer

Compared to the ten-city average on the Kastle's Back to Work Barometer, the legal industry is returning to the office at rates 10 percentage points higher than other businesses. A spotlight on Washington, D.C., New York City, Houston and Chicago reveal similar patterns.  Learn More

A Snapshot of Data Breaches

In 2019, over 6.1 billion records have been made vulnerable through data breaches. We take a look at the top 25 biggest data breaches in the U.S.H1: The 25 Biggest Data Breaches in the U.S.  Learn More

The Must-Have Access Control Checklist for Property Managers

This checklist serves to point out various aspects of managing a secure access control system for a bulding and what property managers may need to consider.  Learn More

How To Find Managed Access Success

RMR is the Holy Grail for security integrators and managed access control is a good way to get it. But many are unsure how to go about it. Here experts offer sage advice and real-world experience.  Learn More

How Leveraging KastleVideo Technology Can Create Business Efficiencies

Leveraging KastleVideo technology to enhance business efficiencies.  Learn More

The Property Manager’s Guide to Access Control and Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services. Does your security solution truly protect your facility and what’s inside?  Learn More

Emergency Mass Communications for Building Managers

Commercial tenants today expect a reasonable level of security that goes beyond traditional building cameras and card readers.  Learn More

How Law Firms Benefit Financially & Operationally from Managed Security Services

When it comes to physical security management, law firms have a choice. They can run their security systems themselves, or they can outsource the duties and responsibilities to an expert security provider.   Learn More

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