Is Your Property Prepared for a Winter Weather Emergency?

4 Safety Steps to Make Sure Your Property is Protected Before the Next Winter Storm Hits
Even though the cold and snowy months of winter are already here, it’s never too late to double check that your property is protected in the case of severe weather, according to Andrea Kuhn, General Manager of Kastle Systems’ Midwestern region. Based in Chicago, Kuhn is no stranger to hazardous winter weather conditions. Here are four steps she recommends property managers follow to make sure their buildings’ security systems stay up and running no matter how bad it gets outside.
Choose a Security Provider with Web-Based Management Tools
“Cold weather and snowy conditions can make it difficult and unsafe to travel to the office,” said Kuhn. “That’s why it’s critical for you to be able to access your security system remotely.” An online security management tool, like myKastle, enables you to view and control your security system from anywhere, including your mobile phone. That’s a game changer when a winter storm prevents you from physically visiting your building.
Confirm that Your Security Provider Always Has Spare Parts Available
Even the most high tech, state-of-the-art software-based security solution requires hardware to function — for example, beacons, access door readers and wireless locks. If the hardware breaks or malfunctions, many suppliers don’t have spare parts readily available, particularly if inclement weather is slowing down shipments. Your building’s security could be compromised for weeks — unless you’re partnered with a company like Kastle who keeps spare parts on hand. “Our vans are always stocked with the parts our techs need most often,” Kuhn said.
Check Your Backup Battery
Most security systems have a backup battery that will continue to run the security system and protect the property during a power outage. But backup batteries don’t last forever. That’s why Kastle’s managed service monitors batteries and proactively notifies customers of low running batteries that need replacing before the next winter storm hits. If your provider doesn’t offer this service, it’s up to you to perform preventative maintenance checks — including regular power shut down tests once or twice a year — to make sure the battery is still working properly and has enough capacity to power the system for a specified amount of time.
Consider a Cloud-Based Security Solution
In addition to enabling you to see your facility in real time and review recent events from any mobile device, a cloud-based platform like Kastle’s is well-suited for disaster recovery — which is particularly critical if your area experiences frequent winter storms. No matter what happens, your data is secured in the cloud and all signals from your system simultaneously go to multiple operations centers. “Even if there’s a power outage during a winter storm, the cloud infrastructure ensures that your operations can resume quickly and seamlessly,” Kuhn said.

If you have questions about how to make sure your building is as safe as possible during these winter months, contact your Kastle Account Manager or email [email protected].

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