Commercial Real Estate

If Everyone’s Working from Home, why is Commercial Office Space Booming?

Judging from what we’re seeing in commercial real estate – companies are expanding, not abandoning, their offices.  Learn More

How Remote Guarding Can Secure a Building from Construction Through Occupancy

Remote guarding has multiple advantages over traditional surveillance methods, and these extend across the entirety of a building’s lifecycle.  Learn More

Why Mobile Phones are the Future of Building Security

Did you know that 85% of Americans are now proud owners of a smartphone? Ownership across the US has surged from only 35% a decade ago, as smartphones  Learn More

One Integrated System for Access Management

Kastle access control technology provides an integrated view of identity presence data over time for employees and visitors.  Learn More

Top 5 problems with Today’s Parking Garages

KastlePark, cloud-based parking software, erases many of the pain points associated with parking garages. This solution integrates office building and parking garage access management into one synchronized system.  Learn More

What is Security-as-a-Service?

Security-as-a-Service comes with all the advantages of cloud computing. It gives facilities managers and building occupants alike access to cutting-edge capabilities that make physical security systems smarter.  Learn More

Demand for Office Space Jumps 20 Percent in March Following Five Months of Stagnation

Demand for office space surged in March, up 20% from February and 8.2% year-over-year.  Learn More

Four Questions Property Managers Should Ask About Systems Integration

The benefits of integrating a building’s systems are hard to dispute. Integrating the tools of a property manager can save time and prevent security loopholes when a resident moves out, but their credentials fail to be terminated, since doing so requires an easily-forgotten extra step.  Learn More

Parking in the Post-COVID World

KastlePark is a cloud-based parking solution designed to improve tenant experiences and building operations in the hybrid work environment.  Learn More

Kastle Awarded 2021 Pandemic Tech Innovation Award for the second year in a row

Kastle's KastleSafeSpaces Recognized for Exceptional Ongoing Innovation as 2021 Pandemic Tech Innovation Award winner. KastleSafeSpaces configures existing access control technology to integrate health screening protocols into the daily workplace access process to help prevent infection from entering.  Learn More

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