Why Mobile Phones are the Future of Building Security

Author: Chris Smith |  Source: KnowTechie

Did you know that 85% of Americans are now proud owners of a smartphone? Ownership across the US has surged from only 35% a decade ago, as smartphones become part of our daily lives.

Today, smartphones have gradually adopted a new facade, being capable of much more than just a phone with internet access.

The security of buildings is just one way that is being impacted by mobile phones and contactless technology. Here are some of the ways mobile phones are becoming the future of building security!

Mobile-First Technology

5g technology motorola motoWith the rise of 5G technology penetrating the world, mobile-first technology is becoming a popular choice in business.

Capable of higher speeds and wider bandwidth, 5G is allowing some great advancements for your mobile phone. The world is ready to take mobile-first technology a step further!

One way to take advantage of technological advancement is to use new developments for the greater good and improve security measures.

Smartphones are becoming instrumental in security management, whilst offering a simple and convenient process for users.

Access Control

How many times have you rummaged through your pockets, hoping to find your keys? How many times have you left your office keys at home, or left your house keys in the office?

Chances are, you had your smartphone with you at all times, didn’t you?! What if you could take your smartphone out of your pocket instead to open the door with a quick scan?

Using your mobile phone is now one of the many different options for keyless entries to open doors, providing you have the correct credentials. This is similar to the way that you use contactless payments by storing details in your Apple Wallet.

Appropriate credentials are stored inside of your mobile phone and you can access buildings quickly and easily. Security is increased further if multifactor authentication is used, for example by using a password and biometrics.

Remote Security Management

meco security camera appBut, how secure is this technology for opening doors? Key fobs and key cards have been used for many years, allowing the building or office manager the freedom to grant or deny access.

In comparison to the traditional metal key, key fobs and key cards were much more secure. However, key fobs and key cards could still be stolen and used by an unauthorized person.

Once the building manager realized that a key fob or key card had been stolen, they could deny access. This would involve removing the credentials required to access the building.

Unfortunately, the owner would have to be in the office themselves and log into the system to remove credentials. It would not be completed remotely.

Utilizing mobile phones and smart lock technology, the owner can use their mobile phone to grant, adjust, or deny access.

They can use remote security management techniques to ensure that this is done instantly, not the next day! Just think how much access an unauthorized individual could have to your building overnight!

Further security features can be added to ensure that your building is completely secure, such as installing multi-factor authorization. Using mobile phones in this way improves security as the smartphone usually utilizes biometrics and passwords to secure data.

Only the phone’s owner can open the smartphone and then gain building access through the smart lock. Credentials can be expanded, limited, or denied when necessary, heightening security.

Video Security Feeds

Additional measures can be made to include video security feeds. You can use your mobile phone to gain instant recordings of who is gaining access to your building.

Perhaps someone is trying to gain access but they do not have the correct credentials? You can see who this person is and either grant access or call your security to apprehend the individual.

Wellness and Safety

Using mobile phones to grant access to your building not only keeps your building safe. You can also help to keep your employees and colleagues safe.

You can record attendance and incorporate occupancy management, identifying if any support is required for an individual.


Using mobile phones to improve building security offers further benefits to the owner of the building and the employees alike.

Realtime access is available to reduce delays, whilst tracking is fully supported to determine who has accessed the building. Tracking will also show you when individuals have accessed the building.

Further benefits include reducing costs for the business. Key fobs and key cards do not have to be purchased as employees will already own the smartphone.

Replacing key fobs and key cards in the past soon amounted to a significant financial sum over a financial year! The costs to the business will only be the initial system setup and any maintenance costs.

This article was written by Chris Smith from KnowTechie and was legally licensed through the Industry Dive Content Marketplace. Please direct all licensing questions to [email protected].