April 25, 2022
Want to Attract Residents in Today’s Housing Market? Incorporate Smart Building Technologies Early in the Design Process

Developers and property managers who want to attract residents need to offer technology-enabled amenities that will set their buildings apart.  Learn More

March 9, 2022
Security, Convenience & Cost Savings Haven’t Historically Worked Together. That’s Changing Fast.

By anticipating and innovating around technology trends, Kastle not only protect residents, but also make the property more attractive to potential renters while helping building owners effectively manage costs.  Learn More

April 20, 2021
CIO Bulletin Lists Kastle as one of 5 Best Access Control Solution Providers

Kastle's Security as a Service (SECaaS) has been gaining adoption and provides a cloud-delivered model for outsourcing services. Much like Software as a Service, SECaaS provides security services on a subscription basis hosted by cloud providers.  Learn More

April 15, 2021
CIO Bulletin Lists Kastle as one of 5 Best Physical Security Companies for 2021

Kastle is developing innovative access control solutions such as AI-enabled video surveillance and mobile Bluetooth credentials that enhance user experiences while maintaining an orderly flow for buildings, businesses, government offices, and residential spaces.  Learn More

How Multi-Family Owners and Operators Can Reach Generation Z

Generation Z is set to change the real estate landscape. Positioning yourselves and your property to reach them now will set you up for long-term success.  Learn More

Is This The Tipping Point For Mobile Access?

This op-ed by Andrea Khun, General Manager of Kastle Midwest Region, points out how mobile access technology like bluetooth enabled access control apps are safer and more convenient than access cards and key fobs.  Learn More

The Top Crime & True Crime Podcasts In America By Search Data

We researched the best-loved crime podcasts across the states. Read about the most popular podcasts & the top crime podcasts where you live!  Learn More

A Snapshot of Data Breaches

In 2019, over 6.1 billion records have been made vulnerable through data breaches. We take a look at the top 25 biggest data breaches in the U.S.H1: The 25 Biggest Data Breaches in the U.S.  Learn More

Will Tenants Use Occupant Experience Apps? Sure, If That App Is Also Their Keycard

This article shows how mobile access control app integration can increase building app usage among tenants for a richer office and residential experience.  Learn More

The Must-Have Access Control Checklist for Property Managers

This checklist serves to point out various aspects of managing a secure access control system for a bulding and what property managers may need to consider.  Learn More

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