Kastle Featured in CIOReview 2019 Top 20 Smart City Solutions Providers

CIOReview Top 20 Smart City Solution Provider 2019






Kastle Systems International, the industry leader in managed security solutions and services, has been featured in CIOReview magazine as a Top 20 Most Promising Smart City Solution Provider. This article discusses Kastle’s cloud based security platform and open-standards interface allows access data to become a contributing component to the smart city ecosystem of integrated information, structures, and communication technology to optimize operational efficiency of buildings, offices and public spaces to create a better living standard for urban occupants. As IOT technology is becoming more prevalent in buildings and cities, engagement with their occupants is growing, and part of the effort of this modernization is also integrating physical security that allows people to navigate spaces more easily while maintaining security integrity.

It goes on to mention how Kastle’s cloud-based open standard security platform enables businesses to easily integrate hands-free access control, smart video surveillance and ID management solutions across multiple workspaces, thus enhancing the occupant experience while improving security and operational efficiency, and helping deliver the smart city vision.

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CIOReview 20 Most Promising Smart City Solution Provider edition is an annual listing of 20 companies that are at the forefront of providing smarter city solutions and transforming businesses.

CIOReview is technology magazine talks about the enterprise solutions that can redefine the business goals of enterprises tomorrow. The magazine is a resource that bridges the gap between enterprise IT vendors and buyers, allowing key technology decision makers to share their valuable insights about new technology trends in the market.

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