Identity Management

Seamless Security Across Platforms

You want your access system to interoperate with authoritative HR systems and the systems that use its data for identity management. This makes is simple to auto enroll new employees, and to ensure access rights are revoked when someone leave. Kastle’s solutions deliver. Kastle has helped the industry create and open a new standard where physical and logical security come together to do new things for you.

Plug and Play Interoperability

All major players who have adopted and utilize the new standard make it easy to bring together cross platform interoperability. The cost of making this happen, and maintaining it are reduced as is the need to perform a costly custom integration each time. When logical and physical systems come together it creates a new set of next generation services and a higher degree of security.

Collaborative Industry Specification

Kastle has been an active contributor to industry standards for years. We’ve helped other smart companies define and adopt a method to make proprietary systems work together more easily.

Mobile Credentialing Compatibility

Kastle is compatible with the latest mobile credentialing technologies to create a superior security experience for customers.

Identity Management as a Service

When it comes to managed identity management, Kastle does it all. This takes the burden off of you, saving you money, time and valuable resources. It allows you to focus on your core business while Kastle focuses on keeping your space secure and always keeping you current with the latest value added breakthroughs.