Your Role in Security

Many thefts and crimes against persons occur during regular business hours and are usually perpetrated under the pretext of legitimate business. Offenses committed when the buildings are closed to the public often indicate laxity in control of passkeys, security cards, and alarm systems. Investigations reveal that a large number of the crimes would not have been committed had office personnel been alert to strangers or taken a few simple precautions. Remember that security depends on the cooperation and concern of each individual.

How to Protect Yourself & Your Assets

1. Never leave your reception area unattended. Do not allow visitors or deliverymen to pass beyond the reception area unless they are known to the receptionist who is aware of the nature of their business.

2. Beware of the repairman attempting to pick up a machine for repair. Question the person, obtain identification and check with his office for verification.

3. Never leave purses, wallets or other valuable items on or under desks. Keep these items out of sight.

4. Do not keep cash or stamps in an unlocked drawer. Valuables should be kept in a safe, if available.

5. Do not carry large sums of money. Do not leave your wallet in a jacket hung over your chair or behind your door.

6. Never leave a combination safe on a day-lock position. Thieves will always turn the dial back to zero if it is in a day-lock setting. Always spin the dial when locking the safe.

7. Never allow visitor traffic in storage areas. Do not make storage rooms easily accessible from the main business area.

8. Be alert to persons who enter an office under the pretext of seeking employment. Keep applicants in your sight at all times. Distribute applications while you phone your firm’s personnel manager.

9. Immediately report all suspicious persons, peddlers, or others purporting to be canvassing to management personnel or call the Police at 911. Do not attempt to apprehend or detain these persons.

10. Ask to see the Kastle I.D. card of any person claiming to represent Kastle.

11. Always secure your automobile by locking all windows and doors. Do not leave valuables in the car. Park near a light if you are working late.

12. Have your car keys in your hand when leaving the office so you may enter your vehicle quickly. Be sure to lock your doors once inside. Stay clear of alleys, abutments and other parked vehicles when walking to your car.

13. Quietly leave if you are surprised by an unauthorized person in your suite. Call the Police. Ask an unknown person attempting to follow you into the building during security hours to use a card in the reader or the Kastle phone for assistance.

14. Visit the restroom in pairs when possible and be alert for strangers loitering in the hallways. Restrict issuance of restroom keys.

15. Do not enter an elevator if it is occupied by a suspicious looking person. Simply walk away.

16. Inspect the locking hardware on your suite doors and restroom doors on your floor. Notify building management if repair or replacement is necessary.

17. Do not keep valuable or movable belongings near doors or windows. Record serial numbers of merchandise and belongings.

18. Protect computer data by making regular backups and storing a complete set of critical backups off-site.

19. Change door locks and security system key cylinders if keys cannot be accounted for or are missing.

20. Engrave your firm’s tax’ identification number on valuables. This will help speed their identification upon recovery and ensure their return to you. Engravers are available from Kastle Systems. Photograph items that cannot be engraved.

21. Control the issuance of security cards and keys. Contact Kastle to update your card access list.

22. Report all lost cards to Kastle immediately so that they cannot be used by unauthorized persons.

23. Secure your Kastle suite alarm system at the end of the day.

24. Always lock your door and secure your Kastle suite alarm system from inside when working late or early.

25. Be certain that your employees who require afterhours access to the building are given Kastle cards and security system keys.

26. Restrict the number of persons regularly admitted to the building by the Special Admit procedure. Visitor special admit authorizations should extend only as long as necessary.

27. Cooperate with the criminal by relinquishing your money if you are the victim of a robbery. Your wallet can be replaced. Appeasing the thief with money may discourage him from physically harming you.

Presentations on burglary prevention, safety tips for women, and prevention of larcenies from office buildings are available from the Police Department.

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