Security Moves to the Cloud

Everything is moving to the cloud: movies, software programs, email….and security is no different.

Cloud-based applications live on the Internet rather than on a local computer (cloud is really just another word for the Internet). The major advantage is that you can access those applications wherever you are, as long as you have an Internet connection. Cloud-based systems are inherently more reliable and cost effective because there is less infrastructure investment required and they are not dependent upon the local technologies available.

Cloud-Based Video

One great example of a cloud-based application for security is video monitoring. Cloud-based video monitoring systems allow the user to view and manage multiple locations from anywhere, on any device (mobile phone, tablet or computer). The basic idea is that when something interesting happens while you’re away from your camera, you can capture that activity for later viewing. Other benefits include managing the system from a single dashboard, easily sharing footage and unlimited storage capacity.

Cloud-Based Access Control

Like any access control installation, the process of choosing which doors to secure, determining the hardware to be installed, and making sure the system adheres to fire and life safety regulations is still necessary. But with a cloud-based system, you just need to install door hardware (readers or electronic locks wired to an intelligent door controller that connects to the cloud.) This allows you to log into a computer to setup, define schedules, create access privileges and provide credentials.

In addition to less upfront installation, another benefit of a cloud-based access control systems is that less time is required for maintenance as all software upgrades are automatically managed by the security provider.

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