Kastle Systems International Acquires Innovative Video Technology Company CheckVideo

Teaming CheckVideo’s smart video platform – built on an investment of $100 Million – with Kastle will accelerate managed video services for CheckVideo’s partner base and Kastle’s customers

Falls Church, VA – May 1, 2013 – Kastle Systems International, the leading provider of managed security solutions, today announced that it has acquired CheckVideo, the leading provider of cloud-based intelligent video surveillance. Bringing together award-winning technology, an expert team, and a broad portfolio of intellectual property and patents, Kastle and CheckVideo will redefine delivery and performance in video surveillance services.

Video surveillance is a critical part of security today. Smart video – or the ability to enable surveillance systems to automatically detect security issues – transforms video’s effectiveness. Kastle’s acquisition of CheckVideo enables it to deliver its customers smart video in a high definition manner, over the web using patented advanced video analytics. CheckVideo will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Kastle Systems International and remain an independently operating business unit. Kastle intends to not only support, but accelerate and strengthen, CheckVideo’s model of working through its monitoring and reseller partners.

“Video is becoming ubiquitous as a means to enhance security. The unique visual content and data – that can only come from video – changes what can be done from managing a business to securing a city, said Mark Ein, Chairman, Kastle Systems. Kastle is committed to leading this industry transformation.”

“The market is ripe for innovation to redefine how video is analyzed, stored and delivered, said Piyush Sodha, CEO and Co-Chairman, Kastle Systems. “Kastle is well known for its pioneering role to deliver access control as a service. This is an opportunity to do the same thing in video surveillance. We are aggressively pursuing video because of its significant value to customers and are excited to make CheckVideo a part of our family.”

“For the last decade, CheckVideo has been hard at work building a distinctive intelligent video solution, said Chris Brown, Vice President, CheckVideo. Our growing list of monitoring partners, resellers and end users are a testament to the fact that CheckVideo has the answer that the market wants. Kastle brings us much more than a new large channel to market. It provides us with significant resources to build upon our platform and accelerate the overall market penetration for video as a service.”

As a privately held entity, specific financial terms of the agreement are undisclosed.

About Kastle Systems International

Kastle Systems has been leading the industry for more than 40 years with new technologies and advanced security solutions. Kastle operates and manages security systems for its clients remotely, around-the-clock. Currently, Kastle protects more than 2,000 properties with over 37,000 tenant spaces, for a total of 400 million square feet of office space nationwide and internationally. Over 2 million people use Kastle Access Control daily. Kastle’s innovative outsourced security services significantly reduce costs and improve the critically important, 24/7 performance of security systems for building owners, developers, and tenants. Headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, Kastle Systems is present in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Philadelphia, and Sydney, Australia. To learn more about Kastle’s security solutions, visit the Kastle website or call 855-KASTLE-1(527- 8531).

About CheckVideo

CheckVideo® is the leading provider of cloud-based intelligent video surveillance and alarm verification solutions for enhanced security, safety oversight and business operations. CheckVideo includes video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) and hardware options that allow it to be installed easily and cost effectively in virtually any indoor, outdoor or remote location. CheckVideo integrates seamlessly with central station automation software to enable third-party remote video monitoring services or can be monitored by end users. For more information, visit Checkvideo.

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