Integrated Identity Management – A New Evolution in Security Systems

By CIOReview

Security systems have come a long way technologically; comparing legacy systems to the present systems there’s been a huge transformation from simple passwords to electronic security programs. Traditionally, identity management consisted of a series of different systems with a lot of complexities and vulnerabilities which resulted in increased security risks and unsatisfied customers. This growing need led to a new evolution in security systems—integrated identity management systems.

Kastle systems, a 45-year-old security firm developed this integrated identity management system where user access is provided with a single identity in a single database. This system is based on mobile and cloud-based technology, promoting integrated physical security and energy, operational and occupancy efficiency. Moreover, under strict privacy standards, this system delivers a detailed list of authorized users on a real-time basis. Furthermore, by bringing the concept of access interoperability to Physical Security Interoperability Alliance (PSIA) board, Kastle systems has increased the communication standard between the involved access control devices.

Kastle Systems also offers managed service to various industries by providing security elements. The different industries that implement Kastle systems include commercial real estate, enterprise business, multifamily, law firm, education, and government sectors. Additionally, the firm also provides security solutions such as access control, video surveillance, fire and life safety, and visitor management.

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