How Video is Redefining Building Management

Overall, video is the fastest-growing segment in the security industry, with the commercial businesses segment being its largest acquirer. With good reason: Kastle Systems is redefining how video is being implemented and used in building security. Kastle’s San Francisco based Business Development Manager, Bob DiPropsero, gives us three good reasons why video is king:

Low Upfront Capital

By leveraging the cloud, there is no need for installation and upkeep of expensive servers. This lowers the upfront capital required to implement or upgrade a video system.

Mobility/Ease Of Use

Through a web portal, users have access to their video anywhere in the world, with a simple password. Through a Google-like search, users can quickly and effectively move through video clips for easy and efficient review.

Email Alerts And Video Sharing

Video clips can be easily forwarded and shared among the building staff and tenants resulting in increased awareness of building situations.

KastleVideo gives property managers and owners all the benefits listed above. It’s a cloud video recorder, moving video from old, hard-to-use DVRs anchored at a building. Access is 24/7, from anywhere, and can use already existing cameras. Built with powerful analytics, KastleVideo provides push notifications of activity in highly secure areas, and is programmable based on camera location, time of day and day of week. Because KastleVideo provides a proactive use of video, its users realize a much higher level of security and efficiency than older video technologies.

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