How Leveraging KastleVideo Technology Can Create Business Efficiencies

In a business world where technology is constantly changing and driving the way we conduct our daily operations, it’s no surprise that security solutions are helping business owners of all sizes and industries leverage those same capabilities. KastleVideo offers businesses solutions to help overcome a variety of challenges and improve their routine business operations.

We understand the need for businesses to implement technologies that can help create efficiencies, but also provide additional benefits. With KastleVideo solution, you can run your business more effectively while enhancing the security and safety of your building(s) and employees.

Here are just some of the benefits that our commercial customers take advantage of:

  • Help prevent crimes. Real-time alerts can be sent to you or our monitoring specialists in the event of suspicious activity taking place at your place of business, reducing the chance of a crime taking place.
  • Save on personnel costSecurity cameras are recording 24/7 for a fraction of the cost of what you might be paying for additional staff and security guards.
  • Reduce false alarmsBecause real-time alerts can be sent directly to a smartphone or internet-enabled device, you can drastically reduce false alarms, save money on fines, and improve response times in the event something does occur.
  • Stay in the knowAlways know what’s going on at your business by receiving instant alerts to your smartphone or email when something of interest happens.
  • Have an additional layer of securityEnhance your current security system by adding these solutions to existing analog cameras and DVRs, or by using KastleVideo cameras.
  • Create technology efficienciesKeep your system costs low with this affordable, Cloud-based solution – no installation of servers or software required.
  • Play it safeVideo analytics are always on, enabling a proactive response instead of reacting after the fact.

In addition to the security and safety benefits, KastleVideo CloudVMS™ technology offers our customers seamless integration with our network of four redundant Secure Operation Centers, sending video alerts to our monitoring specialists for immediate assessment and response.

With CloudVMS™, users can:

  • Send video alerts to the Secure Operation Center, smartphones, or emails
  • Instantly access video event clips, live streaming and recorded video online
  • Securely store video event clips
  • Automatically update devices in the field – no service calls needed
  • Easily expand the system with additional devices

KastleVideo can deliver a truly one-of-a-kind intelligent video security solution to our customers. The solution’s unique combination of video analytics along with the award-winning CloudVMS™ offers customers the easiest, most cost-effective and complete video solution available.

If you would like to learn more about KastleVideo solution, contact [email protected].