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New smart building technologies, which merge intelligence, adaptability, automation, and sustainability, are dramatically altering the typical office environment. After all, the way we work is very different from 20 years ago—so it makes sense that our workspaces would be very different, too.

“Millennials will make up the majority of the workforce in the next couple of years, and they have different expectations than prior generations,” explained David McGuinness, Vice President of Corporate Strategy for Kastle Systems. “They want immediate access to information and data, the ability to perform critical functions from their mobile devices, and open, liquid working spaces instead of a hierarchy of assigned offices.” To meet these expectations, building design is getting “smarter”—meaning that all systems (lighting, heating, IT, ventilation, security, etc.) are connected in an integrated and dynamic way, allowing data to pass seamlessly back and forth. This increases the building’s efficiency, comfort, and safety while reducing the cost, energy use, and environmental impact.

Fortunately, you have a better option—one that’s more economical and efficient, too: You can install a video surveillance system like Kastle’s Mobile Sentry System to constantly record every action on your job site and contact authorities if the presence of unauthorized persons or vehicles is detected. Many sites already use a combination of security and time-lapse cameras in addition to human guards, but Kastle’s system combines these components in a single, managed video guarding solution.

In response to these new workplace trends and customers’ evolving needs, Kastle Systems has introduced KastlePresence, a brand new smart office platform that increases both building security and productivity, too. Here are some of the amenities of KastlePresence that not only make the lives of people working there easier, more comfortable, and some might even say, enjoyable, but ultimately make organizations more successful.

Hands-free access is one of the most convenient features of having integrated systems. An employee can enter the parking garage, call the elevator, grant access to their suite, open the file room, and even connect to the network—all with one credential stored on their phone.

Instant notification capabilities alert employees to social events, services and other information about your building, fostering camaraderie and open communication.

Personalized security enables an employee to send a priority signal from their phone, alerting the security team and precisely informing them of critical data (name, location, etc.) needed for best first-responder action. Help is essentially just a swipe away.

The delivery of space usage data, patterns and other occupancy insights can improve operational efficiency and reduce energy costs. For example, the platform can identify specific times of the day when occupancy drops, which means you’ll know not to waste money and energy cooling an empty office.

The bottom-line
Research has shown that happier employees perform at a much higher level than those who are not happy. If you think your organization could benefit from smarter, more integrated building systems, contact [email protected]

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