Fifth Street Management and Kastle Systems Roll Out Innovative Smart Building Solution to Increase Security While Saving Money

Kastle Systems and Fifth Street Management Worked Together to Implement an Intelligent Video Monitoring Service that Extends and Enhances Security in its Portfolio While Reducing the Overall Expense in its Building

Arlington, Va.—In a move to strengthen security for its tenants and properties, Fifth Street Management has deployed a remote video monitoring solution delivered by Kastle Systems throughout 600,000 square feet in Atlanta, Georgia. This measure has added an additional level of security preparedness and response to its properties while saving a significant expense over Fifth Street’s previous security investment.

“We selected Kastle Systems because Kastle took an old problem and solved it in a unique way,” states George Lipscomb, COO of Fifth Street Management. “We gained superior security which has already saved us 7 cents per square foot.”

Kastle provided Fifth Street with its remote video monitoring solution, customized specifically for their operations and space. The solution is a combination of advanced analytic technology with people and process for around the clock security monitoring.

Fifth Street leverages Kastle’s economies of scale and takes advantage of its innovation in technology to increase detection and response. With Kastle’s solution, incidents and suspicious activities are now detected proactively through surveillance cameras in a manner that wasn’t even possible a few years ago. A direct consequence of this approach is that Fifth Street can use Kastle to detect and alert them in a way that reduces their dependence on manpower and its associated risks and costs.

“If someone or something is in an area unauthorized, we want to know about it. Kastle has done a phenomenal job detecting breaches which we previously did not or could not know about,” explains Lipscomb. The new system has resulted in a significant reduction of guard hours along with an upgrade to security.

“Video monitoring catches things that the human eye does not,” says Brian Eckert, EVP of Kastle Systems. “Even the most vigilant guard cannot be everywhere, and watch everything at once. Technology like this provides Fifth Street with new advantages and shows that they are dedicated to providing the most sophisticated level of security for their tenants.”

About Kastle

Kastle Systems has been leading the industry for more than 38 years with new technologies and advanced security solutions. Kastle operates and manages security systems for its clients offsite, around-the-clock. Currently, Kastle protects more than 2,000 properties with over 37,000 tenant spaces, for a total of 386 million square feet of office space nationwide and internationally. Over 2 million people use Kastle Access Control daily.

Kastle’s innovative outsourced security services significantly reduce costs and improve the critically important, 24/7 performance of security systems for building owners, developers, and tenants. Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, Kastle Systems has offices in Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and Sydney, Australia. To learn more about Kastle’s security solutions, visit the Kastle website or call 703-528-8800.