Kastle Systems and CLEAR Partner to Create New and Seamless Ways to Access Spaces Safely and Securely.

Washington D.C.

Integration of vaccine and testing certification into Kastle’s proptech platform establishes foundation for the connected building ecosystem to help customers meet new workplace requirements.

clear health pass integration

Kastle Systems, a leader in property technology and America’s largest managed security provider for commercial real estate and tenants, and CLEAR (NYSE: YOU), the secure identity company, have partnered to provide businesses with frictionless and secure ways to access spaces. The first of these offerings consists of integrating CLEAR’s state-of-the-art Health Pass technology with Kastle’s innovative Access Control system to provide a simple solution to help  employers as company policies and mandated standards for workplace vaccination and testing continue to evolve.

CLEAR’s Health Pass is a mobile experience on the CLEAR app that securely links a user’s verified identity to COVID-19-related health information – like vaccine verification or test results – to reduce public health risk.  To provide employers and employees additional peace of mind as they head back to the office,  CLEAR’s Health Pass will link with Kastle’s system to authorize or restrict building and suite access. This integration helps employers provide a cohesive, intuitive technology solution to reassure employees about health and safety as they start to return to the office on a more regular basis.

“Kastle Systems and CLEAR are providing an important technology solution for companies seeking an easy and effective way to administer and enforce office health and safety policies with minimal administrative burden,” said Mark Ein, Chair of Kastle Systems. “Beyond this immediate use case, we are excited to partner with CLEAR to create new and seamless ways to access designated spaces safely and securely for anyone who comes to a building, including visitors, vendors and employees. Together our two best-in-class companies are providing an innovative and elegant platform for enhancing the workplace experience.”

“From full stadiums to small restaurants, Health Pass is helping businesses of all sizes create safer environments and continue to stay open,” said Caryn Seidman-Becker, CLEAR CEO. “Together with Kastle, we are providing businesses with a turnkey and privacy-centric solution to returning to the office with greater peace of mind.”

About Kastle Systems
Kastle Systems has been leading the property technology industry since 1972 with advanced technology solutions and services, protecting commercial real estate, multi-family residential, global enterprises, educational institutions and critical government facilities. Kastle’s state-of-the-art solutions include access control, video surveillance, visitor management and identity management, as well as a suite of mobile security applications, all integrated on an open, standards-based platform and supported by a team of experts 24x7x365. Headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, Kastle is on Silicon Review’s 2021 Five Best Security Companies to Watch list.

For more information about KastleSafeSpaces, KastleAccess or any of the other advanced security innovations from Kastle Systems, contact Jake Heinz, Chief Marketing Officer at [email protected].

With CLEAR, you are always you. CLEAR’s mission is to enable frictionless and safe journeys using your identity. With more than 8 million members and 100+ partners across North America, CLEAR’s identity platform connects you to the cards in your wallet – transforming the way you live, work and travel. Trust and privacy are the foundation of CLEAR. We have a commitment to members being in control of their own information and never sell member data. CLEAR is at the highest level of security by U.S. government regulators and is also certified as Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology under the SAFETY Act.