4 Ways Your Visitor Management System is Making a Bad First Impression

A first impression is a lasting impression, right? Unfortunately, a bad visitor experience can contribute to a bad first impression for your facility. You might not realize it, but the inefficiency of your visitor management system could be negatively impacting your building’s reputation, your tenants’ satisfaction and, ultimately, your ability to retain them. Here are four ways your current visitor management system could be turning off tenants and visitors alike:

Your lobby is constantly congested

Long check-in lines are an ominous start for a visitor. Yet, they may be inevitable if you don’t have an easy way for hosts to pre-authorize visitors or if your system requires slow check-in procedures—like keying in a visitor’s name and/or calling to speak with a host instead of a more automatic procedure like using a unique barcode.

Visitors are chronically frustrated; guards are unhappy

A slow-moving line that stands between a visitor and being on time for an appointment adds anxiety to the wait. Visitors are understandably frustrated by the time they finally get to the front of the line and may be curt with the guards who, in turn, are equally annoyed by the inefficient system. This isn’t a building that a visitor wants to return to anytime soon.

Your tenants find the process of having visitors antiquated and cumbersome

Hosts must have a simple, streamlined method for pre-authorizing visitors—otherwise, they’ll skip this step, which leads to long lines, extended processing time and a poor visitor experience. An automatic text or email notifying a host when a guest is checked-in is also a crucial component of a tenant-friendly system.

Security is a concern

Tight integration between the visitor management systems and the facility access control system is one essential component of a safe system; remote control access from the guard desk to lobby security assets like elevators and turnstiles is another. Otherwise, once a visitor gets past the guard desk, they can move freely throughout the building.

Any of these sound familiar? Then, consider learning more about Kastle FrontOffice, featuring KastleVisitor, a world class visitor management system that provides innovative and efficient solutions for all the common shortfalls that contribute to a poor visitor experience. Your tenants will appreciate having a simple, streamlined way to manage their visitors, and your building will be better and safer. Contact [email protected] for more information.

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