3 Ways Video Enhances Safety For You And Your Property

As video surveillance continues to evolve, property managers are discovering that migration from an analog CCTV system to a more advanced, high-definition IP surveillance system offers their facilities better protection and makes tenants and residents feel safer. These new generation video surveillance systems are clearer, faster, easier-to-use, and more cost effective than ever, which makes upgrading or replacing outdated systems attractive and economical. Here are three ways improved video surveillance can keep your property as safe and secure as possible.

High Quality Security Footage

First, the HD cameras used in IP-based systems foster a safer environment because they provide incredible quality security footage, including: better resolution, wider surveillance areas, and crystal-clear images. “An analog system monitoring a typical lobby might only allow you to recognize a person within 10 feet because the images are poor and grainy,” said Nik Gagvani, Vice President and General Manager of Video at Kastle. “But the KastleVideo IP system is capable of capturing detailed footage up to 40 feet and general activities up to 100 feet away.”

Moreover, today’s systems include video analytics technology that can act as a crime deterrent, sending automatic alerts of suspicious activity—say, for example, someone is in the alleyway and shouldn’t be—via email or text message to a local security guard and/or Kastle’s monitoring center. This sends a clear message to residents and tenants that the property manager is continuously on top of keeping the property as safe as possible.

Easy Search for Faster Incident Investigation

Second, the advanced search capabilities of an analytics driven security system further enhance a building’s security by allowing facility managers to investigate incidents or crimes more quickly and easily. Most managers typically view video footage after an incident occurs to obtain evidence. “But that can be frustrating with an old system because approximately 95 percent of video “footage is incident-free,” Gagvani said. “Finding that clip could take hours and hours of review.” KastleVideo’s intelligent search tool (it’s the Google search of video) makes review fast and easy: It bookmarks activity as it occurs so managers can easily search the bookmarked footage and find the evidence they need within seconds as opposed to hours.

Easily Access Footage From Anywhere

Finally, remote viewing and control is yet another way IP video surveillance makes your building safer simply because the convenience helps you manage your property better. IP-based systems allow you to access video via a web browser from work, home or anywhere, even from your smartphone or tablet, making operations easier and cutting down on afterhours headaches. “Let’s say you hire a snow removal service, and they bill you for four hours of work,” Gagvani said. “You don’t have to be there to supervise—you can simply do a search to confirm when they arrived and how long they stayed.” In other words, you don’t have to be constantly on the premises to do your job.

Of course, upgrading your video surveillance system to include these security enhancements comes at a price—but it’s likely much more reasonable than you’d expect. One cost-effective option is to keep your existing cameras and up-convert them to a smart web-based system using a gateway—an investment that could potentially cost less than it would to maintain your old system. Or, you may opt to upgrade to HD cameras over time as your cameras need to be replaced instead of replacing your entire system. If you think your facility could benefit by upgrading to a smart HD system, contact [email protected]

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