Kastle Systems announces expansion into Seattle. Brings proven, tenant-focused property technology to buildings and evolving workplaces.

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Kastle Systems, a leader in property technology and the nation’s largest managed security provider, today announced its expansion into the Seattle metro area. The Kastle brand represents decades of experience in creating and deploying advanced technology for the commercial and multifamily real estate industries. Their innovations in access control, video surveillance, and visitor management heighten the operational performance and enhance the user experience of modern buildings and spaces nationwide. Kastle offers refined workplace solutions to Seattle’s growing technology industry and business community.

“We’re excited to bring our dynamic technology to Seattle’s rich and burgeoning business environment, from life sciences and startups to established multinationals. As companies seek to reconfigure their office spaces and access systems to enable the dynamic hybrid workplaces that businesses and workers demand, Kastle is applying our open system architecture to help make it happen. We are integrating data from occupant access activity and building system operations to enable building operators and office administrators to effectively manage the workspace of the future,” said Haniel Lynn, Kastle Systems CEO.

Kastle’s state-of-the-art technology platform allows businesses and building operators to implement seamless access and video integration with other critical building operations. This includes mobile access credentials that synch with building management systems, elevators and turnstiles, visitor management, tenant experience applications, parking administration, cloud-based video surveillance and more.

“At Kastle, we’re thrilled to announce this expansion into Seattle as part of our efforts to bring our progressive property technology solutions to workplaces across the country to maximize office utility and meet tenant needs in a rapidly changing work environment.”
– Michael Slauson, General Manager – Kastle Systems


With health and safety top of mind for office workers returning to their workplace, Kastle Systems’ provides customizable technology offerings including vaccination authentication and testing, as well as health screenings for tenants and visitors. These capabilities are integrated directly into Kastle’s access platform making them simple for businesses to adopt and administer.

Throughout the pandemic, Kastle Systems has garnered recognition for its Back to Work Barometer, a weekly snapshot of office occupancy rates in 10 major cities across the U.S. As the go-to source for media covering workers commuting to the office and an instructive tool for business leaders setting return to office plans, the Barometer has become an integral data source nationally and for the local markets it highlights.

About Kastle Systems

Kastle Systems has been leading the property technology industry since 1972 with advanced technology solutions and services, protecting commercial real estate, multi-family residential, global enterprises, educational institutions, and critical government facilities. Kastle’s state-of-the-art solutions include access control, video surveillance, visitor management and identity management, as well as a suite of mobile security applications, all integrated on an open, standards-based platform and supported by a team of experts 24x7x365. Headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, Kastle is on Silicon Review’s 2021 Five Best Security Companies to Watch list.

For more information about KastleSafeSpaces, KastleAccess or any of the other advanced security innovations from Kastle, contact Jake Heinz, Chief Marketing Officer at [email protected].



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