Ensuring Workers Can Safely Return to the Office

Four Pillars of the Safe Workspace in the Current Age

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A Safe return to the office workplace with KastleSafeSpaces, integrating technologies and processes to optimize access control with enhanced health safety protection.


Kastle hosted informative webinars on leveraging key technology and processes for managers and building owners to confidently reopen their spaces.

Office Reopening FAQ:

As offices across the country prepare to reopen their workplace, new standards need to be set in place. So how can business owners and property managers bring workers back into the office in the safest way possible?

Article & Whitepaper:

KastleSafeSpaces: Read how to leverage technology and incorporate certain policies to ensure a safer re-entry into the workplace in the Covid-19 era.

Kastle Return to Work Barometer

View the average occupancy rate of commercial properties across 10 major U.S. cities, by each municipality and in aggregate, to show the pace of Americans returning to work based on daily unique access entries in Kastle-secured buildings across the nation.

Press Release:

Kastle Systems Partners with Commercial Real Estate Leader Monday Properties to Pioneer KastleSafeSpaces, a Covid-19 Safety Platform for Office Buildings and Suites.

Letter From Our Chairman:

Mark Ein articulates Kastle’s framework for integrating access control and virus screening systems to enable properties and offices to reopen safely.

Press Release:

Read excerpts from the press release announcing the launch of KastleSafeSpaces, a new system that integrates virus-screening and contact tracing processes to confidently facilitate a safe return to the office.


Bloomberg Businessweek radio podcast featuring interview with Kastle Chairman, Mark Ein, on the Blueprint for the future of office access control in the post-Covid world.

Featured Article:

Enlisting Physical Security to Fight the Spread of Coronavirus: How to limit risk of contagion by integrating access control and identity management systems in the workplace.


Kastle CEO Haniel Lynn sits down with SDM to discuss the four pillars of safety and security and how systems integrators and managed security providers like Kastle can meet these needs for workplace reopening.

Covid-19 Planning:

Read Kastle’s Action Plan:  We are focused maintaining our high level of support throughout this unprecedented situation and have instituted an extensive set of steps to continue serving our customers effectively while eliminating any negative impact.