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Managed Security Services. Does your security solution truly protect your facility and what’s inside?
Commercial tenants today expect a reasonable level of security that goes beyond traditional building cameras and card readers.
Kastle Systems has taken a leadership position within the security industry to adopt, apply and promote a standards-based security solution. Working as part of the industry’s own Physical Security Interoperability Alliance (PSIA), Kastle has materially assisted the industry to define new specifications.
For a company whose name conjures visions of yore, its founder sure had a vision of the future. Under new rule the past 10 years, find out how Kastle Systems is leveraging its armory of managed security services to push its riches beyond $100 million. By Erin Harrington
The era of integrated identity management is upon us,” states Piyush Sodha, CEO of Kastle Systems, a leader in managed electronic security systems.
As temperatures drop, security concerns rise. Have you checked to make sure your building is ready for winter weather? Follow these 6 steps to be prepared!
Many thefts and crimes against persons occur during regular business hours and are usually perpetrated under the pretext of legitimate business.
Showing 11 - 20 of 92