On-Demand Monitoring

You Can Hand Over the Reins Whenever You Need To

True to our promise of delivering security as a managed service, we offer security system co-monitoring to our clients. This on-demand monitoring solution gives you the ultimate control—and freedom—over your security system by immediately and seamlessly switching monitoring between your on-site security staff and Kastle’s award-winning operation centers.

Easy-To-Use Interface

Empower your security personnel with live visual signal monitoring with floor plans, reporting, and the ability to seamlessly switch monitoring duties over to Kastle’s operations centers – all through an organized, easy-to-use interface.

Redundant Databases

Distributed infrastructure ensures your information is protected via redundant databases, and also ensures efficiency and effectiveness of your security response through Kastle’s robust proven procedures.

Choose How Much or How Little We Monitor

  • Step away from your desk and push the monitoring over to us
  • Ensure 24-hour supervision of your facility


Kastle Co-Monitoring Procedures enables onsite responders to take action and manage signals in a manner consistent with Kastle’s operating center.

Signal Management

Signal management can be audited, and Kastle personnel are in the background to assist when onsite personnel are not available.


Kastle Co-Monitoring reports provide insight into signal and response activity by person, card number, reader, company and entry type, signal type, and date.

Managed On-Demand Monitoring as a Service

When it comes to on-demand monitoring management, Kastle does it all. This takes the burden off of you, saving you money, time and valuable resources. It allows you to focus on your core business while Kastle focuses on keeping your space secure.