White Papers

A Safer Re-Entry to the Workplace

Kastle’s innovative solution KastleSafeSpcaes, helping in the transition of re-entering the workplace while protecting the health and safety of occupants.

Mandated Daily Screening As Easy As 1-2-3

Challenges of daily health screening that human resource professionals are faced with and how Kastle makes this process easy to manage.  

KastleSafeSpaces For Facility Managers

Challenges facility managers face in preparing to reopen their buildings and how Kastle helps ease the transition to ensure a safe re-entry to the workplace.

The Post Covid Workplace Access Control Checklist

Key access control technologies office managers should consider as they assess needs of their office security in an ever-changing environment.

Mobile Access Control Eases Property
Managers’ Pain

The complexities of a managed access control system, why mobile access control is more prevalent and the many benefits when integrated with security.

The Must Have Access Control Checklist
for Property Managers

Property managers’ guide outlining key security factors to consider when selecting an access control system that’ll be the best fit for their building and situation.