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How Smart Access Technology Can Optimize Your Visitor Management

In today’s reality, visitor management is more critical than ever in our new hybrid world.  Learn More

Summer Sizzle: How Multifamily PropTech Helps Meet Seasonal Challenges

Turning to advanced technologies to make access easier and buildings more secure will improve resident experiences in the summertime, but it'll also keep them safe and happy throughout the year.  Learn More

An Office Space Crisis may be Imminent for Real Estate Lenders

Unused office space could flood the U.S. market this year as leases expire and more companies permanently shift to remote or hybrid work.  Learn More

If Everyone’s Working from Home, why is Commercial Office Space Booming?

Judging from what we’re seeing in commercial real estate – companies are expanding, not abandoning, their offices.  Learn More

3 Tips for Leaders Navigating Their Return to Office Journey

Although it feels like we’ve been talking about anywhere work for over two years — and we have — the journey is really just beginning. But not everyone is embarking from the same starting point. We see a variety of companies:   Learn More

Repositioning Properties for Life Sciences Tenants Comes with Long-Term Considerations

Life sciences collecting more than traditional office leases, with rents growing at twice the pace of office properties since 2016.  Learn More

‘Security Never Stops’ Says CTO on Cybersecurity

Construction Dive connected with Colin Whitlatch to discuss the FedRAMP program, the process of achieving designations, and cybersecurity in the construction industry.  Learn More

Tech Tips to Manage Limited Occupancy in the Workplace

Are you struggling with limited occupancy in the workplace but do not have the budget to upsize? Many business leaders are restructuring their office spaces following the pandemic.  Learn More

Wednesdays are the New Mondays?

Access data confirms Wednesday as the weekly high point. Kastle, publishes average weekly workplace attendance since early in the pandemic.  Learn More

New Office, No Problems: Law Office Moves 2000 Employees With 0 Issues

Moving or remodeling your office? Make it a smooth experience by working with Kastle to design and plan your access and video system.  Learn More

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