An Open Standards-Based Approach For The Security Industry

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psia interoperability

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Kastle Systems has taken a leadership position within the security industry to adopt, apply and promote a standards-based security solution. Working as part of the industry’s own Physical Security Interoperability Alliance (PSIA), Kastle has materially assisted the industry to define new specifications. This universal specification allows devices, services and systems to easily share information and intelligence.

 The standards-based approach – and the enablement that comes through the growing list of companies in the space that have embraced the standard – provides customers with added flexibility in choosing products, faster implementation due to avoiding custom interface work, added value from multiple system information correlation and lower cost of ownership over time. Access control, intrusion detection, physical security information management, storage and retrieval systems can all interoperate using PSIA standards to carry out typical security functions. Further, systems applying the standard have a method to more readily interoperate and share information with other systems, such as a Building Automation System as only one example. Today, Kastle sits on the PSIA Board of Directors, and, for previous years drove the Alliance‘s standard initiatives as Chairman.


The Physical Security Interoperability Alliance (PSIA), incorporated in March 2009, is the world’s leading standards body addressing the need for interoperable systems and intelligence/data sharing in the security ecosystem and beyond. The international group has developed seven specifications to date that enable PSIAcompliant systems and products to interoperate on a plug-and-play basis to share information and intelligence. PSIA members include leading manufacturers, consultants, integrators and end users committed to the adoption of IP-based standards through a truly democratic standards-setting process. A sampling of member companies includes ASSA ABLOY, Cisco Systems, HID, Honeywell, Ingersol Rand, Inovonics, IQinVision, Lenel, Kastle Systems, Milestone Systems, NICE Systems, Nokia, Proximex, Siemens, UTC, Verint, and Vidsys.

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