Modern Apartment Security Risk: Nobody to Fix Your System

Apartment Security Risk

Apartment Security Risk

Today’s modern apartment buildings offer a myriad of sleek technology to dazzle residents like smart home automation, amenity apps, and an amazingly convenient access security system. It looks elegant, performs flawlessly, and streamlines the operational efficiency for property staff — at installation that is. But even modern technology eventually needs updates, wears out, or breaks. How will you fix it when it happens? (And it will).

What is the Risk?

If the broken item in question is something like a thermostat, an oven, or hi-tech fitness machine, it’s likely not an emergency as these are single devices that can be readily fixed or replaced by a typical manufacturer-approved appliance technician. It may take days, but it has only an isolated impact on the overall resident experience.

But if it’s your access control security that malfunctions (the lobby entry door or stunning unit door locks every resident uses for entry), then it’s a bigger problem because it’s a property-wide system that that’s used daily, by every single resident. It’s critical infrastructure, with multiple components, which keeps unauthorized people from getting into your community. This disrupts the security and convenience of your entire resident base and requires immediate repair to maintain safety.

If you cannot get the system fixed quickly, you may have to hire security guards, create notification signage, communicate to residents, and appease their concerns – as well as explain the situation to any prospective residents who may be touring the facility.  There are obvious costs you will incur to fix and recover from the situation.

Who is Responsible?

You may think you have a relationship with the manufacturer who sold you the system, based on “agreements” made during the sales process, but you likely bought the system through their dealer or integrator representative. The manufacturer, if you can reach them, will refer you to their dealer network for the repair.

Hopefully that integrator to whom they refer you is the one that designed and installed your system and is familiar with your unique situation. And hopefully, they have service technicians available. But maybe not. Perhaps they’ll figure it out. But how quickly?

This is the risk you take when you select your apartment security system based solely on a branded hardware and software package (and the potential “discount” the manufacturer gives you). Regardless of agreements with the manufacturer, you’re likely dependent on the local dealer for installation and repair.

If you have an experienced dealer or integrator that knows your technology and is serious about ongoing service and maintenance, you’re likely in good hands. Just be aware that you need to be as selective in choosing the dealer as you are the system technology and components.

Reliable Security Technology

An alternative approach for your next apartment building is to select a managed security solution from the start. A managed security provider is not only the manufacturer representative that sells you the system, but also designs, installs, monitors, and maintains the system for the life of the relationship. There is no separation of responsibility. When something breaks, and it will, it gets fixed. The provider takes ownership of the ongoing operation of hardware and software.

Kastle is the leader in managed security with over 50 years of experience running the security systems we sell to our clients. The security technology we offer is best-in-class, but we also ensure its ongoing performance with ongoing software updates and dedicated monitoring and maintenance.

With Kastle, you have dedicated account management that knows you and your system. We have our own service techs who both install and service the property, as well as our own call center. So, when a customer deals with Kastle, they will be in touch with a Kastle employee at all stages of the lifecycle.

Our average client has stayed with Kastle for over a decade. They discover that our approach is more cost effective over time than buying a security technology package to run itself. We remove the risk of costly repair or system failure, and the related damage to resident experience, from the equation. The peace of mind you’ll gain is priceless.

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