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How-To Guide:

The Best Approach for Securing a Corporate Office Portfolio

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The inherent variability and distance separation between office locations in a corporate real estate portfolio represent implicit security challenges for any facility and IT leader to manage. The dynamism of hybrid work has only increased the complexity of this responsibility.Despite these challenges, choosing the right security solution is vital for protecting assets and employees, improving business operations and continuity, and instilling confidence in the viability of business overall. This guide highlights the capabilities to consider when selecting a physical security solution that provides this protection while also helping achieve your key objectives for efficiency, consistency, reliability and employee happiness.

Maximizing Operational Effieciency

Maximizing Operational Efficiency

Selecting the right management system to streamline physical security operations is pivotal for cost savings and operational fluidity across dispersed offices.

Cloud-Based Control: Centralizing control via a cloud-based platform simplifies management across all locations, enabling real-time oversight and swift response to security updates.

Integration and Scalability: You need your security technology to seamlessly integrate with your existing legacy hardware, wiring, and other business systems such as HR, Identity Management, and Facility Management. Look for solutions built on an open ecosystem platform to avoid replacement costs and the time-consuming process of custom programming.

Unified Access Administration: Simplify access management by granting access privileges to each user across multiple locations from one unified database and control panel. This means one credential grants staff access wherever they are authorized, eliminating the hassle of credential management for administrators.

Managed Service Efficiency: Choosing to outsource your system’s ongoing monitoring and maintenance to a managed security service is cost-effective, eliminates time-consuming tasks for you staff, and ensures you system is serviced by industry experts. and eliminates many time-consuming tasks.

Leveraging Data for Business Insights

Access to timely, detailed office usage data is crucial to analyze and refine operational strategies
and ensure security.

Comprehensive Reporting Dashboard: A centralized business intelligence dashboard for analyzing access activity can inform decision-making, offering breakdowns by time, location, and individual.

Precision with Identity-Based Access: Assigning access control rights to individuals improves data accuracy, user behavior analysis, space usage, and security measures.

Streamlined Compliance Auditing: Simplify compliance with easy auditing features, including instantly generated, pre-formatted report templates.

Benchmarking for Continuous Improvement: Comparing your operations against national benchmarks and other office locations provides strategic insights for business decisions and operational excellence.

Consistency: The Key to Uniform Security Performance

Maintaining a uniform security standard across all offices is essential for reducing security risks and ensuring a safe, fair, and productive work environment.

Centralized Identity Management: Instant user provisioning and de-provisioning through a single technology platform ensures a consistent security posture.

Dedicated Support: A dedicated account team offers personalized, continuous oversight, adapting solutions to your company’s evolving needs across different geographical locales.

Uniform Security Protocols: Ensure your security provider enforces the same security measures across all locations, promoting equitable treatment and systematic enforcement.

Enhanced User Experience: A consistent, advanced technology experience, like Apple Wallet mobile credentials, across all locations bolsters employee satisfaction and security.

Partner Selection: Aligning with Your Business Objectives

Choosing a physical security partner is important. It affects your security team’s ability to contribute to the company’s overall ability to grow. Choose a provider who understands and meets your needs for efficiency, insights, and consistency.

Evaluate their technology, service offerings, and customer support to ensure alignment with your operational goals. Engaging in pilot projects and soliciting feedback from existing clients can further validate their capability to serve as a trusted ally in your business journey.

Having a proven security partner is important for protecting your company’s assets, information, and employees, and for reaching your business goals. Choose wisely to ensure your security infrastructure propels your business forward.

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