AI-Enhanced Video Surveillance Notices Things Distractible Humans Can Miss

ai video surveillance

Kastle was featured in Bisnow, in an interview with our CEO, Haniel Lynn, about how remote video surveillance strengthens MultiFamily property security without the added expense of increased guard staff.

Mr. Lynn explained how AI-enabled remote surveillance is an improvement over other video technologies in that most systems merely record activity over time and are used forensically to solve incidents after they have occurred while remote video surveillance is proactive, with live agents who get alerted to activities of interest. As AI-enabled cameras detect the hint of a threat, based on preprogrammed digital analytic rules, they alert live remote monitors to an impending situation, and these agents can respond immediately to view, verify and confront threats with audio call-out before incidents occur.

Additionally, this remote solution is also more effective than on-site guards monitoring multiple video feeds in real-time from cameras simultaneously for hours on end because the continual visual stimulus from live video causes people to tune out at some point. AI, though, takes this “change blindness” out of the security equation while keeping human analysis at the center of it.

He also discusses how the technology is on an open platform, making it highly configurable to any existing infrastructure. This allows Kastle to take over the access control and/or video surveillance operation of existing properties and their legacy infrastructure — even analog systems.

If you would like to read this in greater detail and more, check out the full Bisnow article here.