Security Portal

Your Security Management Tool: Cloud Based. Mobile. On Demand.

You expect security software that’s intuitive and comprehensive, and Kastle Systems delivers. The myKastle® security portal is your interface to see, control and manage security like never before. As the largest service provider to property and facility managers we are constantly working with customers for new features they’d like to see. Our research and development benefits you, as each improvement not only enriches the tool for your use but also is provided to you with no additional fee.

myKastle Product Cluster

myKastle Security Portal Provides

  • One credential your personnel or tenants can use to enter authorized doors, floors, and facilities – even between offices hundreds of miles apart.
  • Video verification that captures incidents in real-time through video that’s triggered the moment a security event occurs.
  • Custom reports that can be automatically emailed to you daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Interactive maps that easily navigate through your facility’s security system on a floor-by-floor basis.
  • Live card administration so you don’t have to wait hours for a new employee’s card.
  • Scheduling that’s as easy as adding a meeting to your calendar.
Business employees utilizing security portal software

myKastle’s Simple Web-based Interface:

  • Increases your productivity and saves you money – whether you’re securing a single site or are a large enterprise with multiple locations.
  • Gives you automatic access to innovative new features and functions – no lengthy installations or downloads.
  • Protects your information via redundant databases across Kastle’s operations centers.