Business Intelligence

Harness the Power of 3 Million Pieces of Information Per Day

Data is the beneficial byproduct of Kastle Systems’ 24×7 monitoring process, and our business intelligence tool, myCompass, puts this valuable information to work for you.

Valuable Insight

Our 24×7 monitoring service collects millions of pieces of data, and Kastle’s business intelligence tool turns this information into insight you can use. Understand use patterns and benchmark against best practices to further enhance your building’s security.

Eye-Opening Comps

myCompass gives you a window into your surroundings, making it easy to compare your system to your neighbor’s and incorporate local crime reports to help you make good security decisions.

Actionable Statistics

You can administer your security plan with confidence, thanks to the building statistics provided through myCompass. Building owners and tenants can use these statistics to make smart management decisions.