24×7 Monitoring

Around the Clock

Kastle Systems’ commitment to innovation extends to our monitoring centers. Unlike other security companies, we are connected to our buildings via VPN 24×7. This connection gives us the ability to remotely report on everything that’s happening in your space live, in real time. It’s just like we’re sitting in your building – but we do this for all of our properties.

Guard monitoring site

Kastle’s 24×7 monitoring offers:

  • True concierge service: Our priority queue reports everything but orders it from highest to lowest priority, allowing our operators to respond to the most important events first.
  • Inherent resiliency: Any Kastle location can immediately pick up and take over for any other location, providing our clients with valuable peace of mind.
  • Expert response: Kastle’s team of operators receive extensive training in our advanced technology and innovative solutions, and they are committed to your security. Their 24×7 dedication makes all the difference.